Some Great Techniques to Whiten Your Teeth With Braces

Teeth whitening with Braces

When I surf on the internet, social media and popular forums I notice many people asking almost the same questions. Can you whiten your teeth with braces and How to whiten your teeth with braces?

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Anyway, there are many other specific questions that people are asking but the two I’ve just revealed are much more common.

Actually, these 2 questions are legit. In fact, while wearing braces your teeth become harder to clean or whiten. Thus, they tend to accumulate stains little by little and become yellowish which is not cool at all.

At the end of the day, after investing that much money and supporting a long period of time wearing usually not comfortable braces to have a beautiful smile. Finding yourself with yellow teeth is a pretty frustrating situation in my opinion.

In this article I will try to discuss the most effective ways to perform teeth whitening with braces safely. The main focus here is what you could do from the comfort of your home!

By the way, if you are about to remove teeth braces or you’ve just removed them. You can check this complete guide on How to whiten your teeth after braces.

Can you whiten your teeth with braces?

This is a good and relevant question, but the answer can’t be as straightforward. I would say yes and no, or let’s say it depends.

In other words, cleaning teeth with braces is a possible option (which is an important part of the whitening process), by removing dental plaque and foods residues from time to time.

You can also take care of your oral health by brushing, eating healthy foods and avoiding bad habits. This will keep your teeth white and could make them even whiter while wearing braces.

However, when you choose to use some products, you need to be a little bit careful.

Actually, braces bonded brackets hide a considerable part of your enamel. Thus, whitening agents won’t be able to reach these places. So, when you remove braces you won’t be pleased with how your teeth will look.

If you are wearing ceramic braces, you should probably stay away from abrasive agents. They may scratch the ceramic which would make it stains easily.

Finally, if you are wearing Invisalign, it would be much easier for you to whiten your teeth using whitening trays for example. In this case, if is recommended to start whitening in the last few weeks of the treatment. This will help you to get the most out of it and avoid teeth sensitivity.

How to whiten your teeth with braces?

Let’s breakdown the possible ways to whiten your teeth with braces on. In fact, there are many options you may choose from. Yet, you need to be careful with every and each one of them in order to get expected results with no risks.

1. Healthy life style

Healthy food is good to whiten teeth with braces

Obviously, this is not something you should do exclusively for this period while wearing braces. You should actually adopt a healthy life style on a consistent manner.

Yet, during the time you wear braces, you should be a little bit more careful. In fact, your teeth tend to stain more during braces and any bad habits would only make the staining quicker and harder to remove.

Think about avoiding these things:

  • Smoking: Which is very dangerous for your teeth, oral hygiene and health in general. Particularly, it is not good while wearing braces. Indeed, it alters their color and make them look bad on your teeth over time. If you are a smoker, please stop it right now.
  • Alcohol: I need a complete 4000 words to talk about how dangerous Alcohol really is. Yet, I will only say is this; alcohol also alters braces color on long term and also could stain them and make them weaker.
  • Staining foods: the staining effect of some foods (coffee, cola, sweets …) double or even triple while wearing braces. Think about reducing their consumption as much as you could. If you are a coffee drinker you can check this complete article on how to prevent coffee stains.

On the other hand, think about doing more of these things:

  • More Water: This will clean your teeth and braces on a consistent manner. Just avoid sparkling water.
  • Vegetables and fruits: by consuming crunchy vegetables and fruits (like apple and carrot) you will produce saliva that cleans naturally your mouth.
  • Using a straw: while drinking an orange juice for example, you better do it using a straw. This will minimize its contact not only with your teeth but also with braces. Thus, the staining effect won’t be as significant as it may be.

2. Teeth Whitening Strips for braces

Teeth Whitening Products after braces

Whitening strips is an effective way to whiten your teeth at home. But, can you use whitening strips with braces?

Yes you can if you want, but honestly, you should not, at least at the beginning and middle of the treatment. Actually, the gel will whiten teeth portion it will have contact with and leave the other portion which is covered by braces.

The final result (after removing braces) won’t please you at all. You will find yourself with the obligation of restarting the whole process all over again.

Moreover, on the long term, strips may oxidize your braces and change their color which won’t make them look pretty.

In my opinion, if you still want to use whitening strips with braces. You should wait until 2 or 3 weeks left to the end of your treatment before you start applying it.

I would recommend Crest 3D White Whitestrips, they are one of the best in the business. You can check current prices on Amazon by clicking here.

3. Teeth Whitening Kit for braces

What has been said about whitening strips apply to teeth whitening kits for braces. In other words, the whitening benefits won’t reach your whole teeth, only the uncovered parts.

Wait until you finish your braces treatment before you start using any whitening kit.

4. Whitening mouthwash with braces

There are some people who recommend less concentrated Whitening mouthwashes. However, I would recommend being patient until you take these braces off.

Meanwhile, you could use regular mouthwashes or just warm water in a regular manner. This will help you remove constantly foods residues from your mouth and keep it clean.

5. Whitening Toothpaste with Braces

In order to use whitening toothpaste with braces you need to be a little bit careful. Not all of them may be suitable for you. Only ADA approved ones!

Don’t consider it as a substitute of your regular toothpaste. I suggest you use it twice a week.

6. Brushing your teeth with braces

brushing with braces is good for teeth whitening

Brushing is one of the most important parts when it comes to cleaning teeth with braces. If done correctly, you may get pretty much good results without using any whitening products.

Try to follow these steps:

  • Use only toothbrushes with soft bristles.
  • It is highly recommended to use an Electric toothbrush as they do a more thorough work. You can check this high quality Electric toothbrush on Amazon.
  • Your toothbrush should be placed at a 45 degree angle to the gums almost all the time.
  • Brush gently like if you are doing a massage to your teeth.
  • Try to brush your teeth for at least two minutes and don’t exceed the 4 minutes mark.
  • Brush your teeth following these instructions after each meal. Even after a cup of coffee for example.

7. Some home remedies to whiten teeth with braces

When it comes to home remedies or diy teeth whitening with braces, baking soda and activated charcoal are probably the most talked about ones.

By the way I have a complete guide on every single one of them that you can check (Baking soda teeth whitening and Activated charcoal teeth whitening)

Of course you can use these methods while wearing braces. Yet, you should use them very rarely. Probably once or twice during your whole treatment time.

On the other hand, if this is the method you are routing for, I would recommend you using teeth whitening 4 you. This teeth whitening program is based only on natural nonabrasive cheap ingredients you may have your kitchen already equipped with some of them.

You can check my Teeth whitening 4 you review and decide whether it suits your expectations or not.

Two more tips for cleaning teeth with braces

In addition to all what has been said, I will add 2 more things you should consider …

8. Flossing

Consider flossing your teeth once a day. It won’t be as easy as you might think because of braces. Yet, it is still worth it.

It may take some time to get used to flossing with braces, but it is a crucial daily action in my opinion. Flossing is almost the only way to remove stains and foods residues between your teeth and around braces.

If somehow, you find it painful to do this daily task. There is another option which is the water flosser. It is a very effective way to floss using water pressure. This is much healthier for your teeth and gums than regular flossing, and much easier to perform.

You can check this decent water flosser on Amazon.

9. Proaxabrush

Some people call it a Christmas tree brush. It is not a common brushing way, but it is still effective especially while wearing braces. It helps to clean more between individual brackets.

To make the process more successful, brush on two teeth at a time.

Keep in mind that plaque like to build up around brackets regardless of what material they are made from. And with a proper proaxabrush use you will be able to remove them easily. Thus, you will keep your teeth white.

Decent Braces color for white teeth

Braces are an important part of your daily appearance, just like your clothes, hair and so on. That’s why; putting on some energy selecting the right braces color for your teeth is definitely worth it.

For whitening purposes, this is probably a great option. You may even choose to only opt for a decent color for braces to make your teeth look whiter until you remove them. So, what color braces make your teeth look whiter?

Actually, it depends on many factors, like your skin, gum and how white your teeth really are. To find out, use a color wheel having different colors you actually like. Apply every and each color on your teeth and note on a piece of paper a grade from 1 to 10 indicating how white your teeth look. You will end up by finding a suitable color that you actually like.

I would add some recommendations while choosing the best colors to make your teeth look whiter:

  • Darker color is a good option: if you haven’t noticed it yet, navy blue or dark purple are commonly used. Actually, it is a wise option as they make your teeth look whiter. They are not your only option; you may find other dark colors which will look good also.
  • Avoid White braces: they are going to make your teeth look. In addition white braces tend to turn dirty over time, especially if you consume staining foods regularly.
  • Gold or Yellow braces: this may sound like a smart choice for people with white teeth. You may think that yellow or gold braces will make your yellowish teeth look white. Guess what, you are wrong! This may look good for the first few weeks. However, on the long term, these kinds of braces tend to intensify the yellow color of your teeth. Therefore, just avoid them.


To put it in a nutshell, you’ve learnt, hopefully, all possible strategies, tips and techniques you could use for teeth whitening with braces. It is crucial for you to consider some of them as your teeth tend easily to stain during braces time.

However, I don’t recommend being too much obsessed with that. Otherwise, you may abuse using whitening products which may not give good results.

Finally, when you remove your braces, you can check a complete guide on how to whiten your teeth after removing braces by clicking here.

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