Whiten Your Teeth During Pregnancy The Right Way!

teeth whitening for pregnancy

During pregnancy women usually looks for the best ways to take care of their health and appearance. This is absolutely normal as they are very excited and happy waiting for the new born. And one of the most talked about aspects of health care and appearance improvement is teeth whitening.

White teeth are usually the secret ingredient of a beautiful smile that most women, especially pregnant ones are looking for. Therefore, it is very important to be aware not only with the available options to whiten their teeth, but also what are the ways which involve a minimum risk for moms and babies.

In this article we will discuss the different reasons why you probably should whiten your teeth while pregnant. How safe it really is to do it and also the safest teeth whitening tips you can opt for during pregnancy.

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Why you need to whiten your teeth during pregnancy?

I feel it is very important to answer this question before moving forward. That is, if there is no relevant reason why you probably should whiten your teeth while pregnant. You probably should just wait until your baby is born to start considering teeth whitening procedures.

As far as I am concerned, there are 3 different reasons for which you should think about teeth whitening while pregnant:

1. A drop of confidence

I remember, during my wife’s pregnancy she wasn’t feeling great the whole time. I mean, there were times when she was just feeling good as she expected our first baby girl. But sometimes, she was just sad, lacking of confidence and even depressed.

That was pretty much normal due to hormonal, body changes and the anxiety of how life with a baby would be.

Indeed, one of the main ways she was getting back to her good and happy mood is by taking care of herself and her appearance. Teeth whitening and care was pretty much one of them.

I would assume that this is the case for most pregnant women. When they feel pretty, good looking and attractive for others (especially those who matters the most like family). They just tend to recover their self-confidence and esteem quickly.

White teeth with a breathtaking smile, is one of the most important features of a good looking and confident individual. That’s why; in that case I see teeth whitening such a relevant thing to consider.

2. Professional reasons

For women working in sales with the necessity to interact in person with business partners, prospects and clients. It would be such a necessity to take care of their teeth on a consistent way even during pregnancy.

Women who are interacting a lot with media would have probably the same necessity. There are for sure many other job responsibilities that would require looking good all the time.

If you have such a job, there is nothing better to take care of your teeth. And also, to do what’s necessary and safe to whiten them and make them look good.

3. Oral health reasons

During pregnancy, there is lot of oral issues women could encounter. Actually, they are much more likely to have gum, teeth and enamel problems as the pregnancy time goes on.

Most of these cases are due to a lack of healthy foods and proper oral care.

Indeed, safe and proper teeth whitening and care could help pregnant women to anticipate these issues if done properly.

Is it safe to whiten your teeth during pregnancy?

Pregnant women usually express some weaknesses like soft gum tissues. Thus, there is such a big need to take care of their gums against illnesses.

The problem is most whitening products rely mainly on peroxide whether it is hydrogen or carbamide peroxide.

And as an outcome to lot of peroxide exposure, gum tissues could be hurt even more and may even express some kind of damage. This would happen much more likely when peroxide concentration is close to 6% and up to 10%.

American Dental Association (ADA) says that there are no real studies which confirm the peroxide side effects on pregnant women or even on their babies. That’s why ADA leaves this decision up to the future moms and how important it is for them to use these products.

Of course teeth whitening using peroxide based products is not the only way to go. There are other ways to make that happen like home remedies which are less risky as they are natural and less abrasive. Yet, getting satisfying results out of them needs some commitment and some education for a proper and effective use.

Oral issues during pregnancy to watch out before whitening!

Pregnancy may affect many aspects of women’s daily life including their teeth and oral health. That’s why, being aware of these issues is really crucial in order to anticipate them and set the path to any teeth whitening procedure you may want to use.

According to what I know, there are mainly 4 oral issues women may encounter.

1. Super Dry Mouth

Babies require lot of water and nutrition resources from their moms during pregnancy. Therefore, women tend to have super dry mouth.

This put her at risk for issues just like tooth decay or mouth infections.

And guess what!

You just can’t do any whitening without really taking care of that issue.

Indeed, there are 2 main ways to do it:

  • Drinking more water than usual is very helpful to hydrate your body and mouth.
  • In addition you need to start rinsing your mouth from time to time using alcohol-free mouthwash.

By doing so, you will start noticing some positive differences in just few days.

2. Weak Enamel

Many pregnant women throw up much often, especially during the first 4 mouths. Thus, vomit acids can cause enamel erosion as time goes on. This could lead to teeth sensitivity if you don’t do anything about it.

And as a consequence, any teeth whitening procedure would be much harder to apply even after the baby’s born.

To anticipate this issue, you just need to start rinsing with a proper mouthwash or warm water right after throwing up.

This would help a lot in keeping your enamel safe and strong.

3. Gum Issues

gingivitis is not good for teeth whitening

As a pregnant, your gums are vulnerable due to hormonal changes. This leads to pain and sometimes to some gum diseases like pregnancy gingivitis.

You absolutely need to avoid such a case to be eligible for some whitening procedures.

All you need to do is brushing gently twice a day and flossing once on a daily basis. So you will protect your gum from such an issue.

4. Lack of Minerals

This is another common problem future moms suffer from. It is normal as they share these minerals with the baby.

Nonetheless, a lack of vital minerals just like calcium and magnesium could be very harmful for your teeth. They may become weaker and may express some sensitivity issues.

And as you probably know, you just can’t base a whitening method on weak teeth.

In that case you really need to watch out your nutrition. By including, many fruits and vegetables rich with all these minerals your body is lacking.

Mineral water could be very helpful also.

How to whiten teeth during pregnancy?

After you’ve determined what are the real reasons why you need to whiten our teeth during pregnancy. And after you’ve made some precautions against the 4 issues above that most pregnant woman may encounter.

You can consider yourself eligible to start considering teeth whitening by targeting some safe strategies I am going to detail below.

There are mainly 3 ways to go …

1. Visit your dentist

Visiting your dentist is a good option to whiten your teeth in such exceptional circumstances!

If you are already used to dentists, choose someone who already knows you. If not, give him access to your history with previous dentists just to make him more aware of your case.

Of course, let him know you are pregnant and list all oral issue you have or had (if any).

If you don’t have access to a considerable budget, you probably need at least to ask for a consultation. So your dentist would guide you for the best teeth whitening while pregnant practices out there according to your case.

2. Teeth whitening While Pregnant (Products)

Teeth Whitening Products after braces

For the whitening products you need to be cautious a little bit and be focusing on 3 main elements:

a. Teeth Cleaning

Pregnant or not, cleaning is what you always need to start with to get white teeth. In fact, you need to focus on 2 main things which are flossing and brushing.

  • Flossing once a day before you go to sleep will remove most teeth stains stuck between your teeth. These stains are usually obscure and may cause deep and hard to remove stains on the long term.
  • Using an Electric Toothbrush is a very good way to make the brushing a much easier and effective task. A quality toothbrush is very helpful to remove newly built up stains on a consistent way.

b. Whitening toothpaste

This may be a good alternative to whitening products peroxide based as the abrasives in it are usually in very low portions.

For example in this article from wellnessmama, Katie confirms she had lot of success with charcoal whitening toothpaste even when she was pregnant.

She seems very happy with the results and she didn’t notice any bad side effects neither on her nor on her expected baby.

For more information you can check this complete charcoal teeth whitening complete article.

c. Peroxide Whitening products

As it was detailed at the beginning of the article, peroxide is not proven to be harmful for you during pregnancy. However, you need to be cautious about it.

What I can say is that teeth whitening while pregnant should be considered just like doing it for sensitive teeth.

That is, you should consider 2 main things while choosing a product:

  • The product should be a sensitive friendly
  • It also should have a very low portion of peroxide on it. As close as possible to 0.1% and even lower if possible.

My best pick for you is 3D crest white strips. You can check current prices on Amazon by clicking right here.

3. Whitening home remedies

Baking Soda For Teeth Whitening

This is another under talked about way for teeth whitening while pregnant. In fact, you can use some small cheap ingredients to get some good durable whitening results.

I will focus here on 3 different whitening home remedies you may opt for:

  • Baking soda: which is good against tooth plaque and surface stains. You should not use it as a substitute to your regular brushing using a regular toothpaste. Just keep in mind, that baking soda is a little bit abrasive therefore using it twice a week for 2 weeks is really more than enough considering your teeth being somewhat sensitive. You can check this complete baking soda teeth whitening article for more information about the topic.
  • Healthy Foods: include in your shopping list all kind of healthy foods (fruits and vegetables) which are crunchy and rich in minerals. Just like apple, carrot or even strawberries. These foods are very helpful in keeping your teeth white and healthy. You can check a full list of healthy foods for white teeth by clicking here.
  • Teeth whitening 4 you: I usually talk about this natural whitening program as I really believe it is highly effective. In fact, if you don’t know it already, this program is a unique one that teaches you how to prepare easily whitening home remedies using cheap and available natural ingredients. Many people around the world have used this program and seem happy with the output. I‘ve already made a complete review article about it that you can check it right here.


To sum up, teeth whitening while pregnant is not really a regular task that you may practice using regular methods. You really need to have strong reasons to do it and also be prepared and eligible before doing it. That is, anticipate usual oral health issues most pregnant women may have which are detailed above.

Teeth whitening for pregnancy should be approached somehow like whitening for sensitive teeth. Thus, you will get the expected results, with little to non-risks at all.

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