Teeth Whitening 4 You by Lucy Bennett (My Review)

Teeth Whitening 4 You

Teeth Whitening 4 You is a unique step-by-step program that teaches people 100% natural and proven teeth whitening strategies and methods.

This Program was carefully prepared and designed by Lucy Bernett (Former Dental Nurse) based on many years of experience in dentistry.

It has been used and appreciated by thousands of individuals around the world (especially US, Canada, Australia and UK residents).

In this Teeth Whitening 4 you Review, I talk about many aspect of the program that will help you to realise whether this it suits you or not!

Why Lucy Bernett is trustworthy?

Lucy Bernett teeth whitening 4 youLucy (writer and former member of the dental community) has served as a dental nurse for 17 years and has worked with 6 different dental practitioners. She confirms that she has witnessed over 2500 teeth whitening procedures first-hand and up-close.

She was not happy with the side effect of bleaching agents like Carbine Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. Indeed, she claims that these substances could potentially cause stomach digesting problems, receding gums, week enamel and teeth sensitivity.

Another thing she thought was nasty about these teeth whitening procedures is the cost which may reach hundreds of dollars if not the $1000 mark.

At that point, the challenge for Lucy was crystal clear. Figuring out a 100% natural method to whiten teeth permanently using cheap available ingredients with 0 side effects.

During a full year of hard and dedicated work, traveling, consulting ex-colleagues and many oral health experts in natural remedies she started figuring out some cheap easy to-prepare remedies.

She started testing those remedies on her own teeth and some friends and family members. She failed numerous times before developing and extensive knowledge that got her to the right formula.

She decided to write down the juice of this life changing experience in a form of e-book (Teeth Whitening 4 You) and put on the work to share it to the community which really cares about their oral health in general and their teeth well-being in particular.

You can learn more about Lucy and her approach while preparing this program.

Teeth Whitening 4 You is designed for …

1. People who are interested in natural teeth whitening recipes

Good Nutrition is Good for teeth whitening

I like going through high authority forums and have a look at people’s questions about teeth whitening. One of the most asked questions if not the most is: How can I whiten my teeth naturally?

I have to say that, Teeth Whitening 4 You is the answer. As simple as that. I mean, I’ve been around enough time to know that today there is absolutely no Program that answer this question in the 100% natural way. This is the only unique program available today providing the answer to this question. I hope there will be others in the near future.

2. People who are seeking for lifetime results

When you buy any quality teeth whitening product (kit, twisting pen, gel) and you use it correctly with the right recommendations. You will probably get good results. However, after few week of consuming the product you will need to buy it once again and so forth.

Teeth whitening 4 you has this big edge of being efficient for the rest of your life. You can use it as a reference whenever you feel you will need to recover your bright smile.

3. Ex-Smokers and Ex-Alcoholics

Smoking harms your teeth

If you belong to this category (which I hope you don’t) this e-book is for you. In fact, after many years of smoking and drinking alcohol, you would notice that your teeth were highly impacted.

Doing it the natural way is a second-to-none choice. Your teeth had been suffering from all those years of tobacco and alcohol so using peroxide is probably a good choice but not a wise one. Teeth Whitening 4 You doesn’t only whiten your teeth but also makes them healthy.

In addition, smoking and alcohol ruin your breath permanently. That’s why the included Bonus Bad Breath No Longer will help you get back on track and recover your fresh breath naturally.

4. People with teeth sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive, you should not use teeth whitening products. Actually, the products which claim they represent no sensitivity are really expensive.

Lucy’s e-book doesn’t represent any of those constraints. In fact, even if your teeth are sensitive you can use the described natural remedies with 0 risk.

5. Old People

Old people’s teeth are usually weak and can’t be exposed to any chemical agents. That’s why, any natural decent recipe is welcomed. Teeth whitening 4 you is probably the best way for old people 70+ to whiten their teeth healthily.

6. People wearing braces

Teeth whitening with Braces

You just can’t imagine how many questions I read and answer per day in forums about people wearing braces and can’t whiten teeth using mainstream products!

In fact, it is not comfortable to do so wearing with braces, and also, as they are covering a portion of teeth surfaces, those parts won’t be whitened correctly.

In this case, Lucy’s designed remedies that will be compatible to people wearing braces. In fact, these remedies won’t only help your teeth to become stronger and healthier but also your mouth to become clean and fresh.

Thus the whitening process will be a natural consequence!

For more information about this topic, you can check this complete guide on How to whiten teeth during braces.

7. For Teeth Whitening After Braces

After removing braces, usually you are badly surprised by how yellowish your teeth are! This is a little bit frustrating as you’ve already invested tons of money, time and efforts to make your teeth look pretty!

Most people do one of these 2 things:

  • Due to frustration, they gave up and think they probably should not invest anymore money to recover their teeth natural color.
  • Or they rush and buy whatever over-the-counter whitening product to quickly whiten their teeth.

Either approach is totally Wrong and is mostly due to a lack of education about the topic!

After removing braces your teeth are somewhat sensitive for about a month, and during that month you should not use any peroxide based whitening product!

If you want to start your whitening journey during that month, you should do it only based on natural elements. And there is nothing better, as for now, than teeth whitening 4 you ingredients which are adapted for sensitive teeth.

After that first month after braces, you could still stick to this 100% natural whitening program (which is the best choice in my opinion), or you could jump up and try other whitening peroxide based products, but you need to know what you are doing!

For more information about this topic, you can check this complete guide on How to whiten your teeth after Braces.

8. If you have Grey Teeth

Grey teeth are another kind of discoloration that some people have. In fact, it is due to so many things like aging, genetics and tooth trauma.

In order to whiten your teeth from greyish color, there are too many ways to go depending on the cause.

I have to admit that sometimes, the only way to whiten grey teeth is through some dentistry procedures like root canal, veneering and crowns.

Yet, sometimes there is a possibility to do it with conventional whitening methods. In this case, teeth whitening 4 you ingredients have enough power to perform the whitening with absolutely no side-effects.

For more information about this specific subject, you can check this Full Guide on How to Whiten Grey Teeth.

9. If you suffer from a thin Enamel or Enamel Loss

If you have a thin Enamel or you suffer from Enamel Erosion, the worst thing you could ever do is to whiten your teeth using whatever peroxide whitening product out there!

This will destroy your Enamel and make your teeth super super sensitive! And as you probably know, whitening works only on Enamel, and it works even better if you’ve got a healthy one!

In this case, it is important to opt for natural teeth whitening recipes for 2 different reasons:

  • It will help restore your enamel and make it stronger.
  • Teeth whitening 4 you ingredients will provide the whitening benefit you are looking for without hurting your thin Enamel.

You can find out more about this issue by checking this Full guide on How to whiten your teeth with Enamel Loss.

10. If you are a coffee drinker just like me!

Drink coffee or teeth without staining your teeth

Honestly, I Love drinking coffee, especially in the morning. But, what I don’t like about it is its big tendency to alter teeth’s color!

Of course if you adopt a decent oral care routine that includes brushing, flossing and eating healthy foods, you will prevent coffee stains naturally. However, if your teeth are already heavily stained due to consistent coffee consumption, you probably should think about experiencing some safe whitening procedures.

And when it comes to that, you’ve got tons of options!

If you choose to do that using peroxide based products, you may end up making your teeth sensitive which is not cool at all!

Teeth whitening 4 you ingredients won’t only help you preventing coffee teeth stains but also it will remove them if they are already built up without fearing any teeth sensitivity whatsoever.

I’ve gathered 20 Tips in this Guide on How to Drink Coffee or Tea without Staining your teeth.

11. Pregnant women

Because of many reasons, pregnant women tend to figure out ways to take care of their look; and teeth whitening in just one of them. Indeed, white teeth usually make your smile much better and attractive.

American Dental Association didn’t confirm whether peroxide based whitening products are bad or not for the woman or her baby! In fact, the association left that decision to the future moms depending on what they feel.

As for now, no serious researches have been done on the topic! That’s why, I am not fully confident that over-the-counter whitening products are really safe for pregnancy.

That’s why; in this case I see 2 different options:

  • The woman should probably wait until she gives birth before thinking about any whitening!
  • Or, what I think is even better; she opts for safe natural teeth whitening recipe during pregnancy just like what this program suggests.

If you are a pregnant women and not sure about the topic, you can check out this complete guide on How to whiten teeth during pregnancy.

12. Breastfeeding women

Breastfeeding women have pretty much the same issue as pregnant women when it comes to teeth whitening. In fact, they are not sure if any whitening stuff would hurt her or her baby which is legit!

In my opinion, this e-book is a very good opportunity and answer for breastfeeding women to perform some whitening using cheap ingredients and without any side-effects.

If this resonates with you, you can check this well written guide on How to whiten teeth during breastfeeding.

13. For teeth whitening with fillings

If you’ve got fillings (white or amalgam), there are some chances you may not get the results you  truly want if you use conventional whitening products, I will list some of the side-effects:

  • Changing filings color.
  • Releasing Mercury (for amalgam fillings).
  • Possibility to discolor your teeth with the green color.
  • Making the filling surface rough.
  • Tooth Decay formation.
  • Fillings micro-leakages.
  • ….

In this case you’ve got 2 different options:

  • Pay a cosmetic dentist tons of money to make the process successful for you.
  • Or try teeth whitening 4 you cheap ingredients which are anything but abrasive and won’t hurt neither your teeth not the fillings.

If you’ve got fillings and seeking for solid ways to whiten your teeth, you can have a look at this complete article on How to whiten teeth with fillings.

14. People who are not educated about teeth whitening products

This is a reality we can’t deny. Most people are not educated about teeth whitening products. They don’t even take time to read the vendor’s recommendation. That is, they rush to get instant results. And when they don’t, they just start abusing by using it very frequently in a way they damage their enamel and oral health in general.

The great thing about teeth whitening 4 You is that it is an information product. In other words, it educates you First about the numerous possibilities before it even asks you to start a remedy. At the point when you will start using a given remedy, you will already be enough knowledgeable about what it is all about and you will apply it correctly and safely.

15. People who are afraid or just don’t like dentists

Almost 30% of French people are still expressing fear from going to the dentist. Imagine how the percentage would be in under-developed countries. Not to mention, people who just don’t like dentists or those who can’t even afford undergoing the numerous visits you should do to complete the whitening process. I won’t be surprised if all those people represent 80 or 90% of the world’s population.

I think that this category of people will enjoy this program the most. It doesn’t involve any dentistry visit and the cost is really cheap.

16. Busy people

It’s also designed for busy people. In other words, you don’t need to read the whole e-book (even if it is short). All you need to do, is to access directly to the remedy you think you can prepare right now. Then, prepare it and start using it instantly.

However, I really recommend you go through the book chapter by chapter. Take your time and don’t rush.

17. People who are on a budget

As I am writing this review the cost is $37 which is a small amount and almost nothing comparing with the positive output you will potentially get.

If you want to whiten your teeth at the dentist and tell him all you have is 37 bucks, he won’t even look at your face.

Let’s see it this way, you buy a decent teeth whitening kit which costs at least 60 bucks, you will use it for few weeks before fully consuming it and then you get good results. You will end by getting your teeth whitened only yourself and only for a limited time (few mouths at most).

On the flip side, you choose to buy teeth whitening 4 you which costs 37 bucks, you won’t use it only for yourself but also for your family and even friends (I assume you are a generous person of course) and not only for few weeks but for the rest of your and their life(s).

I think I made my point why this would be the best teeth whitening investment you will ever make.

18. For your Wedding Day

Whiten Your Teeth For your wedding day

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life. Therefore, being completely prepared for that day is crucial.

One of the most important preparation aspects is taking care of your look. And as you already know white teeth with a beautiful smile improves dramatically your overall look and make you much more attractive not only for your partner but also for attendees.

‘Teeth Whitening 4 You’ could be a powerful tool for you to prepare your teeth for the big day. Actually, the e-book has several schedules like the 2 weeks one that you can follow and get your teeth white and prepared for your wedding day.

You can check this complete article on How to whiten your teeth before your wedding day.

What’s Covered in Teeth Whitening 4 You

The e-book is comprehensive, concise, straight to the point and easy to read. It is divided into 7 different chapters and contains almost 40 pages. It covers many topics:

  • Why you should avoid teeth whitening services out there provided by dentists. All risks involved using them.
  • A useful guide for a Household ingredient most kitchens have by default that could optimize your teeth whitening results.
  • A breakdown of 3 home anti-staining remedies that few people know about.
  • 6 different treatments you can implement for 2 weeks which to whiten your teeth. Those treatments are 100% natural.
  • Tips and technics you can use whether to clean your teeth safely or to optimize the whitening procedure you’ve chosen to implement.
  • A one-week quick teeth whitening schedule involving a bunch of easy technics. The latter can be part of your daily routine.
  • Available possibilities for you to optimize the benefits of all these treatments and remedies.

The Program includes 4 Additional Bonuses:

  • Bad Breath No Longer: It is commonly known that bad breath is a huge source of lack of confidence especially in relationships. This Bonus will help you to end this problem easily once and for ever. Indeed, it is a perfect complimentary bonus to the teeth whitening 4 you e-book.
  • Dental Care and Hygiene 4 You: will give you the flossing and tooth brushing blueprint to be able to perform them correctly. Actually, many people perform those supposed-to-be-easy actions in the wrong way. Thus, they damage their enamel and gums badly without even realizing it.
  • Lifetime Updates: If Lucy decides to upgrade her program with new remedies, herbal cures or tips. You won’t need to pay any additional fees to get it.
  • Customer Support to answer all your questions.

My personal perception regarding Teeth Whitening 4 You

I would like to give a little bit more details in this teeeth whitening 4 you review about my personal perception …

… Indeed, this is a do-as- you-go e-book (I don’t know honestly if this word combination even exists in English). In other words, while reading this book you can start instantly you’re your fest footsteps as far as natural teeth whitening is concerned.

As soon as you finish reading the book, you will find yourself with all necessary tools to start your teeth whitening journey. You will be able to prepare your own specific schedule that matches your taste, your own pace and even your expectations.

There is a big possibility that you won’t need to include anything new in your weekly shopping list. That is to say, you may find your kitchen already equipped with the required ingredients to start naturally and healthily whitening your teeth.

If you have a planned wedding, important business meeting, a job interview or just a regular meeting with a friend, you can use the e-book as a reference to rapidly brighten your smell and get a fresh breath in few days.

It is commonly thought that natural remedies won’t deliver valid results until you follow them for several months back to back. That’s why the first people’s reflex is to visit dentists or buy teeth whitening products. However, Teeth Whitening 4 will change this perception forever as you will notice the whitening teeth effects in the first few days.

Teeth Whitening 4 you Ingredients

Probably not many Teeth Whitening 4 you review out there talk about the ingredients …

… Actually, Lucy suggest to the reader several natural teeth whitening recipes. They are mainly based on many natural elements like:

  • Bay leaves.
  • Basil.
  • Apple Cider.
  • Olive Oil.

And much more …

A Testimonial that grabbed my attention…

There is couple of testimonials in Lucy’s website of people who tried this program and got results. There is a one that grabbed my attention of a guy from Australia. I can’t copy and paste it so I won’t have copyright issues. Yet, here is the meaning of what he has said:

He said he had been smoking and drinking alcohol for several years and this affected badly his teeth. His wife kept asking him to do something about it. He was reluctant about using teeth whitening regular products because of the involved risks. When he invested in Lucy’s Program he got (according to him) tremendous results that even his wife couldn’t believe.

This testimonial grabbed my attention, because it shows that it is never late to do something about your teeth. Just do the right thing using the right correct way.

Honestly I can imagine many similar stories.

You can check more testimonials in Teeth Whitening 4 You official page.

Pros & Cons

It won’t be wise to not mention in this Teeth Whitening 4 you review its Pros and Cons. In fact, this Program is really good with many advantages and some Cons that you need to realize before making the buying decision!


  • Only natural elements ingredients with 0% chemical ingredients.
  • Instructions are really easy to understand and follow and are all described step-by-step.
  • A support screen is available on the Program in which you can submit all your questions and misunderstanding which I am sure will be rare if not none.
  • The promised results are always realistic and really reachable.
  • The e-book is not long and you can completely read it in just 1 hours or less. Hence, you can start putting things into action for the next hour.
  • A very rare money-back no question asked 60 days Policy. In other words, you have nothing to lose.
  • Lifetime Updates which will allow you to beneficiate from any additional information, natural recipe or guide.
  • 2 Additional Bonuses ‘Bad Breath No Longer’ and ‘Dental Care and Hygiene 4 You’
  • The cost is really low.


Honestly, I don’t see other cons for this product other than those 3:

  • You need to put on some work and dedication in order to fulfill all described and explained steps to get the expected results.
  • Results are not typical and depend on your commitment, you daily habits and lifestyle.
  • This is not really a con but I want to say this: the Program is an e-book which is not bad. However, as we are in the YouTube and Video era. I would’ve love to have the possibility to have access to interactive videos which showcase these whitening recipes especially while preparing them (Hopefully, Lucy’s team would think about implementing that in the near future).


In this Teeth Whitening 4 you Review, I’ve said this before and I will say it again!

As for now, this is a unique program that I’ve never seen something like it before. I see it as an opportunity that so many people are missing to save tons of these money and priceless time.

If you asked before about a way to whiten your teeth naturally, Lucy Bernett’s Teeth Whitening 4 You is the only available complete and proven answer today.

I see that this program may become even better by including more remedies on it. I mean, I won’t be surprised if Lucy’s upgraded the e-book more useful and advanced whitening technics. Thus, buying it today at this low price will give you the edge to access to these upcoming upgrades.

At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose with the 60 days money back and the complete natural approach of the program which involves no chemical or risky ingredients.

You can check the Program and make your buying decision on Teeth Whitening 4 You Official Page.

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