Whiten Your Teeth During Breastfeeding PROPERLY!

Breastfeeding is a crucial stage in every new mom’s life; therefore, living it properly is as important as the pregnancy stage. Nonetheless, breastfeeding remains a very consuming task in terms of energy, body resources and overall appearance. Thus, women tend to look for some ways and tips to take care of their look. And teeth whitening is just one of the most targeted good looking aspects during breastfeeding.

Actually, I couldn’t agree more that teeth whitening is a key factor for women to look pretty. They just need to be aware of the best practices and apply them properly. So, they could get expected results with no risks.

In this guide, I will talk about the reasons why you probably should think about teeth whitening while breastfeeding. How safe it is to apply this process and also the safest whitening strategies you should opt for during breastfeeding.

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Why should you consider Having a Better Smile During This Period?

You may overlook this part of the topic. Yet, I still think it is important for you to answer this question. That is, teeth whitening is not an easy (not hard also) process that you just can execute and you’re done. In general, it needs some commitment and will (some money also) to complete any specific strategy. That’s why, if you don’t know why you are doing it at first, you may start the whitening process, then feel just like not doing it anymore and give up, which is just bad in my opinion, isn’t it?

At this moment, 3 different reasons come to my mind (there may be others that you can mention in the comments):

1. Professional reasons

Probably, after your baby’s born your company may give you couple of months or even a year to rest and take care of your baby. In my country they give us 3 months only and sometimes just one (with a daily hour or 2 for breastfeeding) which is not enough of course.

Then, if the job requires an interaction with clients, prospects or business partners. It would be vital to look good and consider having your teeth whitened.

There may be other jobs, like journalism, positions related to tourism as well as many others. In all these kind of jobs teeth whitening even when you are breastfeeding is probably a necessity.

2. Following oral health issues

I’ve witnessed a noticeable drop of my wife’s oral health. This was due to lack of minerals (like calcium) that her body uses to produce breast milk. This made her teeth look weak and little bit yellowish over time.

In this case, you should consider helping your teeth out being stronger and whiter.

3. Low Confidence

My wife had to do breastfeeding every single day for 2 years for our first baby. That was a good experience in many ways, yet it was very tough for her to satisfy our baby’s need for that long.

She felt depressed many times during the process. But, she has found ways to do it around that by improving her confidence and mood by talking care of her overall look. And teeth whitening was one of them.

If you are experiencing these kind of feeling (hopefully not). You should probably consider improving your look by many aspects including teeth whitening.

Is it safe to whiten teeth while breastfeeding?

There has been no serious studies about the safety of bleaching while breastfeeding. Yet, there are some thoughts from several dentists, orthodontists and organizations like (American Dental Association [ADA]] which all try to give possible guidelines about this topic.

In fact, as you may already know, most whitening products are peroxide based. No scientific release on how this element can affect you or your baby while breastfeeding. Yet there are recommendations to opt for free peroxide whitening products. Or at least, for whitening products with very low peroxide levels. The lower the better.

In addition, there should be no risk as far as you don’t swallow the whitening gel. So, if you opt for it, avoid swallowing the gel as much as you could.

Moreover, if you opt for traditional ways to whiten your teeth like brushing, flossing or even using natural home remedies. At this time the process would be much safe …

First … Watch out these oral issues … Before Any bleaching!

After reading the paragraph above and if you concluded that whitening is safe for your case. You should not just jump in and start the process before doing a little check that you are free from a couple of oral health issues.

These oral health issues usually happen during pregnancy and may be even worse during breastfeeding if not healed correctly.

In fact, 4 oral issues any women may suffer from during breastfeeding.

1. Teeth sensitivity

This is something that most women bring from their pregnancy. That is, during the first 4 months, most pregnant women throw up from time to time. Thus, vomit acid may hurt a little bit your enamel by making it thin and weak.

Teeth sensitivity could be overcome after a decent period of time taking care of your teeth.

In addition, there are whitening products made for sensitive teeth that you may consider in that case.

2. Body lacks in vital minerals

Most women express such an issue in this stage. Actually, to produce breast milk the body uses its resources of minerals and vitamins to make the job done. Thus, within a poor nutrition or a low quality one, women tend to have low vital minerals on their bodies.

In most cases this has such a bad repercussions on their teeth. The latter become weaker and turn yellowish.

Women expressing these kinds of symptoms, need to first consider a good nutrition full of fruits and vegetables and also drinking more and more water.

Adopting such a routine would resolve this issue in few days.

3. Sick gums

gingivitis is not good for teeth whitening

This is another inherited problem from the pregnancy stage. In fact, due to hormonal changes pregnant women have had, their gums become more vulnerable to some diseases just like pregnancy gingivitis.

It is very hard to start a proper whitening with such an issue.

Yet, resolving it is easy and needs a little time …

By flossing and brushing properly using a high quality toothbrush you should get rid of this kind of issues.

4. Dehydrated mouth

This is very similar to the lack of minerals issue. In other words, producing breast milk requires water the body is storing. As a consequence the body may have low water quantities, thus a very dry month.

Keep in mind that a dry month is a perfect environment for tooth decay, bad bacteria and mouth infections.

Good news! 2 easy actions are more than enough to rehydrate your body and mouth.

  • An alcohol-free mouthwash is a good daily element you should start using. By rinsing once a day an hour or so before you sleep.
  • Drinking more water than usual will rehydrate your body and mouth.

How to whiten your teeth during breastfeeding?

Right now, you should have a clear idea about the reason(s) why you need to consider teeth whitening during this period. Plus, the oral issues you need to get rid of before you start the process.

With that being said, you can consider yourself ready to start getting your teeth whitened.

Below, there 4 different approaches you may opt for and choose the one(s) that suits you the most.

1. Dentist consultation

It is safe to say that visiting your dentist is the first option that would pop up to your mind.

You should get at least a consultation, so you will get more ideas on the best teeth whitening practices during breastfeeding.

I just recommend you visit someone you’ve already visited in the past. He would be more able to understand your case and provide you with the best whitening options.

The only concern you may probably have if you choose to solely focus on dentistry is the cost. Actually, it may cost several hundreds of dollar for a full treatment which is not affordable by everybody.

2. Clean your teeth consistently

Non-questionably, cleaning your teeth consistently is the first step you need to start with before whitening your teeth. For that matter you have many options and I will list the 2 most important ones.

  • Brushing your teeth using a quality toothbrush twice a day helps you remove new built-up surface stains consistently. A decent electric toothbrush would make this task much easier. You can check this quality electric toothbrush on Amazon for more ideas.
  • Before your go to bed, you should floss your teeth gently and carefully to not hurt your gums. By doing so, you will get rid of obscure stains between your teeth.

3. Use whitening products

Teeth Whitening Products after braces

When it comes to whitening products, there is an enormous variety of options you may choose from. Yet, you need to be very selective and choose a decent one that would suit your case.

There are 2 different options I recommend you opt for.

a. Whitening toothpaste

Usually the chemicals and abrasive substances are in much fewer quantities than over-the-counter whitening products. This sounds much safer for breastfeeding moms.

There are many whitening toothpaste options on the market. I suggest one of those two:

  • Whitening toothpaste based on activated charcoal which is according to some sources good also for you gum’s well-being.
  • Toothpaste based on Aloe Vera is another good option. It helps fighting cavities and plays a big anti-inflammatory role for your gum which keeps it healthy.

b. Over-the-counter Whitening products

As it was said before, over-the-counter whitening products are not that harmful for you or your baby. They can be totally safe if used properly.

To use these products, I’ve got 2 advices for you to choose the right product for you:

  • The whitening product should be well adapted for sensitive teeth.
  • The peroxide portion should be as low as possible. The lower the better.

You can find many products that fit into this category. I recommend you start with 3D crest white strips as it is a decent and proven one. You can check it on Amazon by clicking here.

4. Natural home remedies

Good Nutrition is Good for teeth whitening

If you are not totally sure whether you pick a whitening peroxide product or a whitening toothpaste, you may find an alternative in natural home remedies.

These home remedies are absolutely safe while breastfeeding. Actually, they include only natural (mostly cheap) ingredients and could provide good and durable results.

I will list 3 options (there are many others) you may use as home remedies:

  • Whitening foods: not many people mention this, but, there are many cheap foods that you can include in your daily nutrition which would help you keeping your teeth white and even whitening them. Crunchy fruits and vegetables such as carrot and apple are very good options. They help your mouth producing saliva that cleans it naturally. You can check this complete list of whitening foods for more information.
  • Baking soda: it is very efficient against plaque and newly built up surface stains. Brushing with baking soda doesn’t mean you will give up brushing with your regular toothpaste. The latter helps fighting tooth decay and keeping a fresh breath which is very important. You can brush your teeth with baking soda twice a week for couple of weeks (2 or 3). For more information about the topic you can check this complete Baking soda teeth whitening article for more information.
  • Teeth whitening 4 you: I am a fan of this natural whitening program as it is a unique one. In fact, it is an in-depth actionable program that educates you to prepare home remedies to whiten your teeth in a matter of very few weeks. The good thing about this program is that it is not only based on 100% natural ingredients but also these ingredients are really cheap and your kitchen may already be equipped with some of them. I’ve written a full review about this program that you can check out by clicking right here.


Finally, I hope you’ve got a complete idea about this teeth whitening while breastfeeding thing. The most important thing is to be aware why you are whitening your teeth and be able to choose a strategy that you are ready to start and finish to get the most out of it.

Don’t forget to make sure that your oral health is on point. In other words, no gum issues, no dry mouth and no high sensitivity, so you would whiten your teeth safely.

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