Does MISWAK Whiten Teeth? This Full Guide Gives you the Answer!

Miswak is Good for Teeth whitening

Believe it or not! I am writing this article and brushing my teeth with Miswak at the same time!

Before you continue reading this article, I am very excited to let you know about a Book that took me a Full Year to put together! I would love to offer it to you for free (Download it by Clicking Here), it includes a total of 100 teeth whitening tips, tricks, methods and strategies that you won’t find anywhere else! I am sure you will find it extremely valuable!

Anyways, Miswak, sometimes called Meswak, Siwak or Oud al Arak, is honestly my preferred toy to clean my teeth and keep them white!

It is a simple stick from the Salvadora persica that may change the way you deal with oral hygiene forever and for the best!

It is a big pleasure for me to write this article. In fact, it is about something that I enjoy doing and that apply myself pretty consistently.

What motivates me also about writing this article is that Miswak as a whitening or cleaning agent is really underrated. Indeed, it is probably one of the most obscure teeth care methods out there even if it is effective and highly powerful. Not to mention the fact that it is very cheap or could be afforded for free in some cases.

In this complete guide, I talk about the capabilities of Miswak as a teeth whitening tool and as a cleaning possibility.

In addition, I will go step by step on how to use Miswak for whitening and cleaning and also I will dive in some other subjects related to this tree stick that you would most likely find very helpful!

Does Miswak whiten teeth?

“Does Miswak whiten teeth?” is probably the most asked question about this topic.

That’s why; I’ve chosen to start by writing a pretty thorough answer to this legit question!

First, let’s start with a straightforward answer … Yes, Miswak can whiten teeth …

… But …

… Under some conditions and considerations that I will discuss in a minute!

In fact, there have been some scientific researches about Miswak to measure its whitening and oral care capabilities. Those researches are not massive according to what I’ve noticed, but they all mention that it can actually whiten your teeth or at least keep them white with so many different ways.

It will end up whitening your teeth if you consider it as a long term oral care practice. However, if you are looking for instant or quick whitening results, it just won’t work for you.

If your teeth are slightly yellow or stained, this tree stick will do a good job whitening them. The process may not take too much time and the results will be pleasant.

I know a country in which dentists are bankrupt! Believe me, they rarely receive patients in their offices … I am talking about Mauritania!

Do you know why? Simply because they’ve got a population that uses Miswak more than any other population out there! For the record, most Mauritanian people’s teeth are snow white …

In addition, some of my friends, family members and even my wife use Miswak pretty consistently. They almost never remove the stick out of their mouth! And trust me; their teeth tend to look whiter than average people.

All this just proves the whitening power that Siwak actually has!

Nonetheless, you need to consider that most of this whitening benefit comes indirectly. That is to say, Miswak helps you remove or reduce many oral issues which are the main responsibles of staining and/or teeth discoloration.

So how does Miswak whiten your teeth?

To begin with, when you brush with it, you stimulate saliva production. The latter, plays a big role naturally washing and cleaning your mouth and teeth. Thus making your teeth look whiter.

Oud al Arak is very powerful when it comes to reducing and removing dental plaque and tartar. The latters are a perfect environment for nasty mouth bacteria that produces harmful acids. These acids are one of the main causes of teeth stains and discoloration.

It has many active ingredients (that I will list later in this article), but there are 3 elements which contribute in whitening your teeth pretty effectively. I am talking here about Calcium, fluoride and bicarbonate of sodium.

Indeed, calcium is notorious for strengthening your bones and teeth as well, which set them up for becoming whiter within a proper oral hygiene.

In addition, fluoride doesn’t only reduce tooth decay and cavities, but it also helps strengthening and restoring your Enamel which is your teeth protective layer. And as you may already know, one of the main reasons of teeth discoloration is weak, thin or eroded Enamel!

On the other hand, bicarbonate of sodium is a very good whitening agent used in many whitening toothpastes and whitening products in general. It also helps adjusting your oral pH and improving your oral health.

Sound great! … but is there a way to make the whitening process faster using Miswak?

As I’ve said earlier that, for whitening purposes, Miswak is definitely a long term solution. Yet, there are some few tips to make the process a little bit faster. I will list 3 tips that you may opt for in order to get quicker improvement of your smile:

  • Use Miswak more frequently: In opposition to regular brushing in which you are limited to 2 up to 3 times a day. You can brush with this stick literally whenever you want! So you can use it several times every single day so the whitening effect will start to be noticeable a bit earlier than usual.
  • Flossing: As this tree twig can’t whiten or clean between your teeth, you need to mix it up with flossing. The latter, helps you reach obscure places on your teeth, between them and between them and your gum. If you are feeling awkward about that, you can use a water flosser which is easier to use and safer for your gum. The one that I personally recommend is Waterpik water flosser.
  • Brushing with an Electric toothbrush: Siwak is a powerful tool for brushing your teeth, yet it may not be easy to brush some hard to reach places on your mouth. An Electric toothbrush is definitely the best tool to go and reach places on your teeth that Miswak can’t actually reach. Not to mention its ability to make the brushing process much easier. Oral-B Electric toothbrush is without a doubt the best one in the market today.

Of course, you don’t really have to opt for those tips. Unless you want to speed up Miswak’s whitening and cleaning benefits!

Miswak teeth whitening limitations

You need to keep in your mind that it has some limitations that you probably need to consider:

  • Heavily stained teeth: people with teeth containing years and years of accumulated stains due to Smoking, alcohol, staining foods and poor oral hygiene won’t notice big whitening changes using Siwak. They rather should go for more sophisticated and professional bleaching ways.
  • Grey teeth: those with greyish teeth due to trauma, injury, genetics or eroded enamel won’t get their teeth whitened using that stick. Instead, they should go for other alternatives like root-therapy, professional bleaching or even crowning or veneering.
  • Bleaching! : Whitening is not bleaching! Bleaching is for intrinsic stains which could be removed using professional methods. Miswak is for cleaning and whitening which goes for extrinsic/surface stains!

Even if you’ve got one or some of these limitations you still can use Miswak as it fights against tooth decay, cavities and removes bad mouth smell.

How do you use Miswak for whitening and cleaning?

In this paragraph I breakdown the best practices you should adopt for a better usage of Miswak.

  1. When you get a new twig that wasn’t used before, start chewing off the bark at the end of it until you expose a centimeter or so of the wood. Then spit out the bark from your mouth.
  2. Make the exposed part soft until it forms bristles by chewing it. This shouldn’t take you more than one minute. By doing so, you will make the stick just like a toothbrush with pretty soft bristles ready for usage.
  3. As I’ve said before, you can use Miswak with no health products, toothpastes whatsoever! But if you wish doing that, you can dip the twig end in water or rosewater before adding some toothpaste on it.
  4. Whether you’ve chosen to brush only with the stick or adding some paste on it the brushing process is the same with the bristled end. Do it gently and try to cover all possible places of your teeth including the back which is also important for a proper brushing.
  5. You should cut off old braces depending of the frequency of your brushing. That is, if you brush more than 4 or 5 times a day, you probably should cut it by the end of the day. Otherwise, if you brush much less frequently, you can cut it off once every few days.
  6. It is very important to keep the stick in a fairly dry place, preferably in a closed bottle of glass so you will prevent any kind of accidental bacteria transfer.
  7. You can use Miswak whenever and wherever you want!
  8. There is no need to rinse after using it. Instead produced saliva from brushing with the twig is good for your digestive system. I will breakdown more of its later in this article …

How long until Miswak starts whitening teeth?

I’ve found people in some forums asking this question. So, I thought it should be a legit question to include in this article.

There have been some researches about the stick and due to some high chloride concentrations on it. It was suggested that it can whiten your teeth but nothing scientific about how long it takes really …

My personal thoughts on that according to what I know and my modest experience are these:

  • Miswak takes usually a long time to notice whitening results, probably months, give or take!
  • This Period of time could be longer or shorter depending on many things:
    • Whether you brush with Miswak properly or not.
    • How well is your oral hygiene.
    • Whether you brush pretty often or just occasionally.

I believe that with a proper, oral hygiene, a frequent and correct brushing with Miswak, you should notice whitening results within very few mouths or even several weeks!

What are the benefits of Miswak?

I’ve talked about some benefits of this tree twig previously, but here I will list most of them. So you will have a pretty complete Idea about how amazing Miswak is for your teeth and health:

  • Reduces tooth decay and cavities: the stick is rich in fluoride which is notorious for this benefit.
  • Good protection against dental plaque and tartar: Dental plaque and tartar makes the life easier for bad bacteria to grow its populations. They are responsible in producing acids that wear down your enamel and making it weaker. Brushing with Miswak reduces them which make your enamel and teeth much stronger.
  • Healthy for gums: By reducing and removing tartar, your gum is going to be protected. In other words, tartar hurts your gum and makes you lose your teeth easily especially when getting older.
  • Your mouth will smell much better: Actually, by brushing your teeth and particularly your tongue you will remove bad germs that are responsible of bad smell. You will notice after few usages that you mouth smells Good.
  • Amazing aftertaste: with its natural aromatic compounds, Oud Al arak promotes a gorgeous feeling of freshness and cleanliness and also a decent breath.
  • Promote a better digestive system: I’ve honestly noticed this benefit myself! I use to have some digestive problems and a stomach full of gas. But, after a consistent usage of this tree twig I’ve noticed that I was feeling much better. In fact, the produced saliva following the brushing promotes a healthier digestive system!
  • For those on a budget: If you are on a budget or couldn’t afford a decent whitening or tooth care product. Keep in mind that Miswak is really very very cheap.

These are just some Miswak benefits for your teeth and health in general. Believe me there are tons of other benefits!

Make your own Miswak!

Sounds weird, but you actually can make your own Miswak stick!

Normally, you can get it from Salvadora Persica tree, but you still can get it from some other trees mainly available in Mediterranean countries and Middle East.

I am talking here about Olive, Walnut and Palm trees!

All you have to do, is to cut a small twig from the tree using a sharp knife. Just take what you need, because too many may hurt the tree!

Clean the collected twig thoroughly, and leave it in a dry, clean place for several hours.

Keep in mind that you must avoid twigs of poisonous trees! There are couple of them like, Bamboo, Chambelle, Raihaan, Pomegranate and Myrtle trees.

Order the Best Miswak out there for whitening and cleaning

If you were with me I would give you a stick or two for free as I have few of them in my home!

Anyways, if you are not sure about making your own Miswak, you can still buy a quality stick on the internet.

I suggest that you make your order on a trusted and reliable platform like Amazon!

You can check this quality Miswak twig on Amazon for more ideas …


I’ve tried my very best to give you the blue print on how to whiten your teeth with Miswak by listing the best practices out there. So hopefully, you will find that helpful and get the most out of it.

Now, I really want to hear from you!

I want to know your experience with using Miswak or Oud al Arak if you’ve already used it. Otherwise, if you are intending to use it and what are your expectations from using it?

Let me know on the comment section below!

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