Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush [Complete Review]

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush It is commonly known that tooth brushing is the first step towards whiter and cleaner teeth. That’s why; I’ve thought it would be a good idea to write this full Review to put the spotlight not only on the importance of tooth brushing, but also on arguably the best electric toothbrush in the Market today.

Actually, even the most reliable manual toothbrushes will hardly clean more than 50-60% of your teeth. Plus, you don’t have a complete control of the angles you should use for better results.

Thus, the best way is to implement a daily at home cleaning by using an electric toothbrush twice a day. By doing so, you will notice much better results by keeping your mouth fresh, clean and white.

In this full review, I talk about what I think the best electric toothbrush out there (Oral-B Genius Pro 8000). So hopefully you will be aware of its marvelous abilities to change your oral health forever and for the best!

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Why you should use an Electric Toothbrush?

Not everybody see the importance of using an Electric Toothbrush even if it represents many advantages that you should be aware of!

Below I list 3 main advantages that Electric Toothbrushes have over manual ones…

1. Much Easier to Use

When you use a manual toothbrush you have to trigger the cleaning action consistently. Unlike the electric one which provides it for you.

Indeed, all you have to do is to put the brush on the surface you want to clean and it does the rest of the work.

This ease of usage makes those who generally don’t like to brush their teeth more willing to do so. Especially, people with busy schedules or even little kids.

2. Effective Plaque Removal

Many researches show that brushes working with rotations are much more effective removing dental plaque.

This was compared with manual brushes which remain far from Electric toothbrushes plaque removal efficiency.

3. Top-notch Technology

Top Electric toothbrush provides highly advanced technology and features in its products. These features help you to improve your brushing and cleaning habits for better results.

There are several examples of these technological features that are very useful:

  • More storage units if you are travelling for example.
  • Several modes of brushing depending on your teeth state and expected results.
  • Different brush heads for different expected results.
  • Times to control the brushing time.
  • Automatic notifications to help you maintain the brush head and replace it in case of need.

Of course there are several other benefits of electric toothbrushes, but those ones I’ve just listed are probably the most important ones.

What makes Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush the BEST out there?

As far as I am concerned, Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is the Best Electric Toothbrush hands down!

Of course, I am not throwing that statement just like that of the sake of doing it, however, there are numerous reasons pushing me towards believing so …

I list below 7 legit reasons why I truly believe that Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is simply the elite when it comes to electric tooth brushing!

1. Clinically proven

This toothbrush was clinically proven to deliver highly cleaning results. Not only compared to manual toothbrushes but also many electric toothbrush brands out there.

2. Continuous improvement

Oral-B brand in general in known for its continuous improvement!

In other words, they frequently release new toothbrushes with more advanced features. Plus, they make sure to release specific toothbrushes for very specific needs.

Whether it is for adults, younger people or little kids, Oral-B make sure to deliver the right product for the right segment of people.

This is unlike many brands out there who release generic toothbrushes without caring much about different expectations that people may have when they brush teeth.

3. Freak Cleaning Power

With a capacity around 50 thousands movements per minute, this cleaning machine is, believe it or not, 100 times more effective than manual toothbrushes.

Thus, dental plaque tends to disappear after few usages of this product pretty easily.

4. Pulsation and Oscillation

Movement is a great way to make your teeth lose more plaque. Yet, it would be much better if the movement nature is well optimized for better plaque removal.

Actually, the technology installed in this toothbrush is based first on pulsation then rotation!

In fact, it has been shown that this movement combination is optimal for plaque removal. Unlike the manual toothbrush which relies mainly on just going back and forth.

5. Shaped for Individual Cleaning

The small round brush head was shaped to give you the ability to surround each tooth separately.

Thus, it will be cleaned in a much better manner and notice quicker results!

6. Accurate Timer

By using a regular toothbrush it would be easy to not pay attention to how much time you actually spend while brushing.

Indeed, brushing for over the recommended 2 minutes could be pretty bad for your teeth.

That’s why; Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 includes a 2 minutes timer. So, you will make sure to brush for exactly the recommended time frame which will make from the process even more successful.

7. Different modes for different intents.

The manufacturer made sure to include different modes in this brush to cover different intents as much as possible!

Actually, among the various cleaning mode you will find in this toothbrush:

  • Massage mode: For those suffering from gum issues like gingivitis and those who would like to gently massage and stimulate their gum.
  • Sensitive mode: Using lower speed to make sure your enamel is not hurt at all.
  • Deep cleaning mode: Having more brushing time for better results.
  • Whitening mode: By using different speeds to banish surface stains.
  • Tongue cleaning mode: By opting for more thorough cleaning to maintain a fresh breath.

All these reasons make from this toothbrush your number one weapon against dental plaque, teeth stains and bad mouth smell.

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 More features that you need to know …

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush has many more features that you need to learn about before making your buying decision!

1. Suggested Colors

The manufacturer suggests to its customers 2 different colors that you may choose from:

  • Black.
  • Rose Gold.

Even if I like the 2 colors, especially the Black one, I still think that they should work on releasing other colors that would match more people preferences.

2. Position Detection

We all have negative tendencies to not brush a particular part of our teeth. Or even to brush a part more than enough!

Through the phone application and position detection technology you can see places you are brushing clearly. Thus, you will notice zones you usually miss and be able to never miss them again.

3. Real-Time Feedback

Through the Oral-B app that you should download on your smartphone, you will be able to get instant real-time feedback while brushing your teeth.

This allows you also to follow pre-programmed brushing routines to focus on areas more than others according to your dentist recommendations.

4. Longer Battery Life

The Lithium Ion battery that comes with Oral-B Genius 8000 is designed to charge not only the toothbrush but also your smartphone.

The battery is designed to last for 12 days before the next charge!

You can check More Features about this toothbrush on Amazon by Clicking HERE.

How to use this Product for better Results?

All these features and characteristics that come with this product make the process successful. Yet, you should use it the right way in order to get the most of it!

For an optimal usage, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Slight pressure is sufficient; let the brush do the job for you.
  2. You should clean 2 or 3 times a day for 2 minutes.
  3. It doesn’t matter the toothpaste you use as far as you are using a good quality one.
  4. Use a little toothpaste quantity.
  5. For efficient brushing it is better to divide the mouth into 4 quadrants that you will clean one by one.
  6. Apply the brush horizontally and move it slowly along the gum line.
  7. Stay on each tooth for few seconds.
  8. Incline the head to clean interdental areas.
  9. Move the toothbrush from tooth to tooth along in the inner surfaces.
  10. Stay on the lower incisors for a little longer as dental plaque and tartar often forms there.
  11. Move on to the chewing surfaces slowly and cleaning each tooth separately.
  12. Don’t forget to brush the back surfaces of the last molars.
  13. Repeat the steps from 5 to 11 to the other quadrants.
  14. Normally each quadrant should take you around 30 seconds.
  15. Think about changing the brush head from time to time.

The following video gives more in-depth information about the right way to use this toothbrush:

Frequently Asked Questions about this Electric Toothbrush!

Below some FAQs that people have asked before that may answer some of your questions as well!

Can you use this toothbrush without the mobile app?

Yes you can. Generally you need the app at the beginning to detect the brushing bad habits you may have. After that, you may not need it after …

Does this come with the travel case?

Yes a very nice one.

How many heads are included?

4 different head brushes are included.

Bottom Line

Honestly, I don’t see this product as any other oral care tool that you can just buy!

I rather see it as an OPPORTUNITY or an INVESTMENT to continuously improve your oral health in a steady way.

I see it also as an opportunity to whiten your teeth naturally without the need of conventional whitening products. Indeed, the amounts of dental plaque you can remove within this toothbrush are more important than with anything else!

You can check Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Current Prices on Amazon.

If you’ve got any further thoughts about this Product, I would love you to let me know on the comment section below!

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