How to Whiten Grey Teeth

If you’ve got greyish teeth and not sure how to whiten them the right way,

Then, this is the right article for you!

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Anyway, Grey teeth are not a common teeth discoloration compared to yellow, brown or even beige teeth.

Generally, they are not as easy to deal with as yellow teeth!

Yet, there are some chances and possibilities to whiten them as far as you are following the recommended practices …

In addition, many people with grey teeth feel really confused! Whether they should whiten them normally or follow different or specific teeth whitening methods.

This is actually a legit concern, as the approach is a little bit different!

I would like to mention that before writing this article I was looking in some forums for the most asked questions about this specific subject. And I came up with the most 2 asked questions which are:

  • Can grey teeth be whitened?
  • How to whiten gray teeth?

In this article I am answering not only these 2 questions but also other aspects of the subject you probably need to know about!

Can grey teeth be whitened?

I’ve read some thoughts on the Internet that grey teeth have no chance to be whitened and they just need to be replaced completely with an implant or dental work.

Others went on to say that the only way is to perform some advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures to fix the grayish-looking teeth.

However, after hearing from some qualified dentists and orthodontists, gray teeth could be whitened pretty much safely without the need of advanced or expensive procedures.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some cases in which advanced stuff is required but not always!

This depends on many factors such as:

  • Your teeth sensitivity.
  • How strong and well set your enamel is.
  • The root cause of these grey teeth.

All you have to do, is to figure out what is the primary cause of your teeth turning grey and make sure that your over-all oral health is on point.

Then, you can make the choice on what whitening treatment or cosmetic procedure you should really target.

In the next paragraph, I dive in-depth about all possible grey teeth whitening possibilities that you should target!

How to whiten gray teeth? (When your tooth is still alive)

In this section, I am not talking whitening gray stains when the nerve is damaged or the tooth’s dead. I am discussing more, gray stains due poor oral hygiene, tobacco, tooth decay or even Tetracycline use…

1. Decent Oral Hygiene

A decent oral hygiene is very simple. It all consists on adopting good oral habits (brushing, flossing, healthy foods …) and avoiding all bad ones including smoking, alcohol …

Otherwise, you should expect all kind of stains including gray ones.

a. Nutrition

Your daily nutrition needs to include lot of vegetables and fruits like apple, carrot, broccoli … which would clean constantly your teeth as they usually are crunchy and simulate saliva production that washes your teeth.

Avoid, fast and staining foods as much as you could!

Just by doing that you’ve already made a huge step toward healthy and durable teeth.

b. Brushing

brushing is good for teeth whitening

Fluoride helps fighting tooth decay and cavities which could make your teeth look gray. Therefore, brushing twice or 3 times a day make this process successful.

Don’t under estimate the toothbrush quality as it helps you making the brushing much more effective.

An Electric toothbrush is one of the best options as it is much easier to deal with and reaches the most obscure places of your teeth. You can check this Good Electric Toothbrush on Amazon.

c. Flossing

Flossing once a day few moments before sleeping is another effective way to get rid of obscure stains you’ve gathered during a long day.

These kind of obscure stains have some potential to become gray. Thus, flossing is a good alternative to prevent these kinds of staining.

2. Home remedies

Home remedies such as activated charcoal and baking soda are good ways to prevent gray stains but not to remove them as they only help you remove surface stains. The latters may turn to gray over time.

Those 2 methods are very popular and used by a wide variety of people. Yet, you need be a little bit knowledgeable about that, just to make sure you are getting good results without hurting your Enamel.

Keep in mind that if your enamel gets hurt, this gives a big chance to your teeth to look greyish.

For more information about charcoal teeth whitening, you can click here.

And for additional information about Baking soda as a teeth whitening agent, click right here.

Moreover, if you are worried about teeth sensitivity, you can check a complete whitening program based only on natural ingredients. This program gives all information you need to prepare natural whitening home treatments based on cheap natural ingredients.

I’ve written a pretty much complete review of this product, you can access to it right here.

3. Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Products

Whitening products are very used nowadays by those who are looking for a whiter shade. My only concern is when you don’t know how to use them correctly or do it the wrong way!

By doing so, you are putting your enamel state at stake which is not cool at all.

My advice to you is to use any decent well-known whitening product with very low peroxide levels. There are several examples like Crest 3D whitestrips. You can check it by clicking here on Amazon.

How to whiten gray teeth? (When the nerve is damaged)

Now comes the ways how you whiten or prevent gray stains when your tooth is broken or about to be. In this case, you really should consult a dentist or even better a cosmetic dentist to take care of you.

1. Right after an injury

I really don’t wish that to you, but sometimes injuries happen! And when a tooth or couples of teeth are hurt, the first mistake you may do is not visiting the nearest dentist out there …

During these moments, the nerve could just be infected ..;

Visiting your dentist as soon as possible, could really save the situation. This is actually the first thing to do to prevent grey stains.

2. Whitening Gray teeth due to an injury or trauma

As it was said before, if the tooth is dead, or the nerve‘s having a hard time sending blood to your tooth. Chances are, you may find yourself with a grey tooth.

To fix that, your dentist may use one or some of these options:

a. Root Canal

According to American Association of Endodontists (AAE), a Root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and even saves your teeth from dying.

Patients usually need this therapy when the tooth’s roots are inflamed or infected. During root canal treatment, the pulp is removed inside the tooth and the root canals are cleaned, disinfected and shaped.

By doing so, the tooth tending to a greyish color gets back to its regular shade.

b. Pulp bleaching

Sometimes, even after a successful Root Canal therapy, the grey tooth may not get back to its original shade.

In this case, it is possible that a qualified dentist try a pulp bleaching.

c. Fillings

As it was said before, tooth decay may turn your teeth to look grey!

In this case, dentists may apply some composite fillings adapted to your teeth after cleaning the decay.

d. Veneering

Crown and Veneers are a very common way to provide you with a beautiful good looking smile over grey teeth. If you don’t know it yet, this is usually the secret why most celebrities have that beautiful smile.

e. KöR Whitening

This is a very recent and advanced bleaching way to whiten your teeth. This is more for the most suborn stains out there especially due to antibiotics over exposure like Tetracycline.

Causes of Gray Teeth

There are several factors that can cause gray teeth, and depending on each cause you can figure out a way to fix them.

Below a list of 11 different causes that could lead your teeth turning grey!

1. Aging

Old people tend to have weaker teeth as time goes on, this is due to their body which don’t absorb calcium and other vital minerals the way it used to do. Thus, they stain much more easily.

Aging usually affect the enamel by making it thinner and more transparent, which leads to the dentin (layer under the enamel) to appear.

In other words, if the dentin is rather greyish the teeth will look grey as a consequence.

2. Genetics

Due to genetic reasons some people may have or develop grey teeth over time. In fact, some people just have thick enamel with a grey dentin which makes your teeth just look grey.

3. Thin Teeth Enamel

Enamel tends to become thinner as a result of erosion due to acid exposure. These acids could come for Soda, Juices (like Lemon, Orange …) or just too much brushing.

Thus, the teeth inside becomes more visible which make them look transparent and sometimes grey.

4. Teeth injury or trauma

Sometimes, when somebody has an accident that leads to a tooth injury, he may experience his teeth turning grey.

In other words, this could cause a nerve malfunction. Thus, blood supply won’t reach the injured tooth and as a result, it will become gray.

Therefore, if any injury of this kind happens to you (God Keep you Safe), please don’t waste any second and check the nearest dentist to prevent any tooth infection and also to anticipate your teeth becoming gray.

5. Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings could turn your teeth grey

Amalgam fillings called also silver filling are gray and contain about 50% of Mercury!

Sometimes, while applying these kinds of filling in dentist’s office, there is a chance even if it is not really big that the gray color of those fillings touches some parts of your teeth and makes them look greyish.

In addition, if you are having those fillings on your teeth and applying some whitening products with high peroxide concentrations. Those fillings may release some mercury and  make your teeth look a little bit grey.

6. Root canals

Normally, this is a tooth therapy. Yet, root canals could also cause nerve malfunction, which would disable it from directing the blood right to the tooth in question.

This may change its color to gray as time goes on.

7. Medications

Medication could stain your teeth

Some medications, especially antibiotics can directly make your teeth look grey. Indeed, the antibiotic which is known the most with this effect is named Tetracycline.

This antibiotic was commercialized for all categories and ages until late of the 1970s. Actually, it is prescribed against bacterial infections (urinary, respiratory …).

After this side effect was discovered, doctors try as much as they could to not prescribe this antibiotic for children, teen and even pregnant women.

8. Necrotic Tooth

Most often a necrotic tooth, in other words, a dead tooth turns greyish and sometimes black. In fact, necrotic pulp releases some substances that penetrate the dentin which justify the gray color.

9. Tooth Decay

Generally, tooth decay tends to look browner or black. But, sometimes (it’s pretty rare) it just looks gray and give the impression that your teeth are grey stained.

In this case, you need to be able to figure out nature of the color and if it is due to decay remove it within dentist’s office.

10. Tobacco Use

This is an under-talked about cause. In fact, smoking doesn’t damage your teeth right away, it does that on the long term by weakening them little by little until they damage or even die.

On the process, your teeth could send you some warning messages as they are not in a good state by turning yellow.

This is a sign that they don’t receive enough blood supply and they are about to be completely break.

Hopefully, you are not a smoker! Yet, if you are a regular smoker, my ultimate advice for you is to stop it Right Now!

It is a grind on the process, but it is totally possible if you are determined enough!

If you are serious about leaving this bad habit, and don’t know where or how to start, you can check this anti-smoking program. Hopefully, it will bring some good answers for you …

11. Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

This is a disorder which slows down your teeth from their natural development which causes discolorations including the grey one.

In this case, teeth are more likely to break or be heavily damaged.


If you’ve ever been wondering on how to whiten grey teeth, hopefully, this article gave you a thorough answer to this question. In fact, if you’ve ever had this issue, you just need to figure out with a dentist’s assistance why you’ve had such an issue before processing to any kind of solution.

Keep in mind that in case you’ve had any tooth injury, even if it seems minor, just don’t underestimate it. You’ve better rush to the closest dentist out there and figure out if your affected teeth are still fine or need any intervention.

If you’ve ever experienced grey teeth, please let me know in the comment section bellow. And also tell me how did you approach whitening it?

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      It is better to check with the dentist first to check how much enamel is left there and if your pulp is fine
      It is very hard to whiten a tooth with no enamel at all, unless you are willing to go through a healthy process to restore it,
      Try to use Miswak for a while, they are helpful when it comes to restoring your enamel


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