Teeth Whitening Complete Guide for Smokers and Ex-Smokers

teeth whitening for smokers

I grew up watching my father smoking every single day for several years …

… And guess what!

Not only his health was deteriorating week after week but also his teeth were yellowish and turning to the brown color due to excessive non-stop smoking habits.

He has also suffered from tooth decay and decent number of cavities that pushed him to visit the dentist pretty frequently!

Thanks God!

He quit smoking a long time ago, probably 10 years ago or so. Consequently, his oral and overall health have gotten much better. In fact, his teeth look less yellowish and he rarely visit the dentist for common cavities and tooth decay issues …

This little story inspired me a little bit to write this complete article to, hopefully, give to smokers and ex-smokers the blue print on different possibilities to whiten their teeth and recover their beautiful smile after many years of tobacco consumption.

Obviously, almost everybody is aware of the fact that smoking causes heavy and hard to remove stains causing ugly discolorations on teeth. Not to mention what it does to your health …

Nevertheless, most people tend to ignore these awful smoking effects on teeth and postpone implementing any possible ways to remove tobacco stains.

In addition gums, tongue and lips are all threatened with every puff of cigarette; and the consequences can be dead serious!

In this guide, I breakdown many different ways, possibilities and strategies not only to whiten your teeth if you’ve suffering tobacco stains but also different ways to clean them and the best practices for a healthy oral care routine that would save you tons of time and money as well.

I will finally, talk about common smoking side-effects on your teeth, gums and lips as well as other few ideas about the topic that you might find helpful!

Before you continue reading this article, I am very excited to let you know about a Book that took me a Full Year to put together! I would love to offer it to you for free (Download it by Clicking Here), it includes a total of 100 teeth whitening tips, tricks, methods and strategies that you won’t find anywhere else! I am sure you will find it extremely valuable!

How to Whiten Teeth due to smoking?

Before writing this article I was looking in the Internet, especially some forums for the most asked questions about this topic. Indeed, I’ve found that most people are pretty much asking the same question “How to Whiten Teeth due to Smoking?”

That’s why I’ve decided to list bellow all possible ways that I know! In order to make that possible in a way you could do it from the comfort of your home.

1. Whitening Mouthwash for Smokers

Teeth whitening mouthwash is one of easiest ways to get rid of stains resulting from years of tobacco exposure. Indeed, by rinsing on a daily basis you should notice a clear improvement in only few weeks.

Generally, smokers and ex-smokers suffer from a poor oral health. In fact, they’ve got yellow, brown or even gray teeth, they are full of dental plaque and tartar, the lips and gums color are anything but healthy pink as it should really be! All of these factors contribute obviously to an awful smile!

That’s why I’ve decided to start with whitening mouthwash as a possibility as it doesn’t only whiten teeth but also improves your overall oral health. In addition, it allows healing or at least reducing gums common issues due to smoking like gingivitis or gum irritation.

One of the best whitening mouthwashes for smokers are anti-tar ones, as they work more on removing dental plaque and tartar. The latter allows the growth of bad bacteria populations that produce acid that discolors your teeth.

So by opting for an anti-tar whitening mouthwash you will be in a better position to whiten your teeth as a smoker or ex tobacco consumer!

Another factor you need to take into consideration is the composition of the mouthwash. Indeed, it needs (for a better user experience) satisfy most of these conditions:

  • Gluten-free (for stronger teeth).
  • Saccharin-free (to avoid awakening your teeth).
  • Fluoride-free (to avoid some kinds of stains that come with fluoride).
  • Alcohol-free (to get rid of burning sensations)
  • If possible peroxide-free (unless you are looking for some fast kinds of results).

For the record, the first 4 elements above are included in cheap mouthwashes which shows that for a better user experience you should go for those that don’t include them.

As far as peroxide is concerned, unless you are on hurry which is probably not the case, you should not use peroxide based mouthwashes. Actually, they may cause teeth sensitivity is some cases.

Plus, most smokers have sensitive or weak teeth. That’s why; I feel you should avoid peroxide as much as you could.

Don’t worry; there are some alternatives to that in the market. That is to say, some rinsing products based on baking soda, coconut oil (oil pulling in general) or even Aloe Vera as whitening agents.

As you’ve probably noticed, all these elements are natural and adapted for smokers teeth. They won’t only whiten them but also strengthens them …

For the record natural whitening agents take usually longer time, so you need to stick and be patient with it. So you will start noticing solid results safely.

I’ve written a complete article on the best 18 whitening mouthwashes in market today. You should probably check them for more ideas.

2. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste for Smokers

Several people don’t know about the possibilities that whitening toothpaste can bring to the table. Especially if it has anti-tar capabilities. Actually, last mouth I’ve used such a toothpaste (I am not a smoker by the way) and honestly my wife and I have noticed real differences that you as a smoker or ex-smoker would easily notice.

Honestly, I never consider whitening toothpaste as a substitute to the regular one. In fact, usually, the whitening ones may be a little bit abrasive which would wear down your enamel (Protective tooth layer) down after few mouths of consistent usage.

So to get rid of tobacco stains using whitening toothpaste you’ve got basically two different options:

  • If you brush twice a day for example, it would be a good idea to brush with your regular toothpaste in the morning, and the whitening one in the evening. However, if you brush 3 times a day, you may consider using whitening paste 2 times if your teeth are heavily stained due to smoking, if not, once a day is more than enough!
  • The second possibility applies more for whitening toothpaste based on activated charcoal. Which is an effective weapon against tobacco stains by the way! Actually, you may use it only for 2 or 3 weeks as far as you don’t feel or notice any kinds of sensitivity whatsoever. Then you may jump back to your regular toothpaste.

Choose the option that resonates with you the most and stick with it. You should notice some major differences.

As I said before, (for whitening mouthwashes) you should opt for whitening toothpastes with natural properties. In other words, the best whitening toothpaste for smokers is any fluoride-free one which doesn’t contain SLS, gluten or any kinds of harsh chemicals.

You can check this complete list of top 10 fluoride free whitening toothpastes for smokers. It will give you a complete idea on what you might need for whiter and stronger teeth.

3. Teeth Whitening Strips for Smokers

Yellow or brown teeth can be very embarrassing for smokers. That’s why most of them may opt for some fast methods to whiten their teeth in no time.

In this case, whitening strips seem to be a decent choice considering its ability to whiten your teeth pretty quickly.

However, as most whitening strips are peroxide based, you need to consider teeth sensitivity. That is, if your teeth are sensitive or you are afraid of feeling any kind of sensitivity whatsoever, you probably should opt for a different option or at least consider consulting your dentist for advice!

You need also to consider the fact that whitening strips can’t be used on braces or dental fillings. For that you need different methods that I talk about in several articles in this Blog.

If you want my opinion, as far as your teeth are not sensitive, Crest 3D Whitestrips is the best teeth whitening strips for smokers and ex-smokers. It is probably the best brand there is in the market today.

You can check this Crest 3D Whitestrips review for more information.

4. Teeth Whitening Pen

Not many people talk about this, but teeth whitening pens are also a decent way to whiten your teeth easily in the comfort of your home. It is good for tobacco stains removal …

… Generally, all you need is to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Twist the pen a little bit.
  2. Apply the gel on your teeth.
  3. Wait for few seconds to let the whitening agent work.

What makes from this whitening product a good option is its accuracy! I mean, that sometimes you may realize that one tooth is more stained than the others. So you may want to apply the pen only on that tooth until its shade matches with the other teeth.

Before using this product you need to consider few things:

  • After each usage and for better results, you should not eat or drink for 10 minutes up to half an hour. Thus the whitening agent will work to its full potential.
  • A whitening pen can be used on the go. That is, put it on your bag or pocket and use it whenever you may to make your smile brighter.
  • They are usually cheap, sometimes around 5 bucks.
  • This kind of product is not for those who are looking for dramatic results. Thus, if your teeth are heavily stained due to smoking you probably should think about different possibility. Otherwise, if tobacco didn’t make your teeth that much stained, a whitening pen could be an amazing solution.

If your teeth are not sensitive, I encourage you to check this review about a peroxide based whitening pen to learn more about the topic.

Otherwise, if you are not that confident about your teeth sensitivity, you may want to check this list on the best 10 teeth whitening pens in the market. There are many ones based on natural ingredients like Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen.

5. Home remedies for whiter teeth for smokers

When it comes to home remedies for whiter teeth after years of smoking, you’ve got literally tons of options.  I will list some of them below:

Banana peel

To be honest, not many people believe that this method works. Yet, there are many cases confirming the ability of a miserable banana peel to whiten teeth due to coffee or tobacco stains.

All you need to do is to choose a peel from a ripe banana, then brush your teeth with a small portion of it to reach all your teeth. After that, you need to brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush for 2 minutes.

Finally, Rinse with a mouthwash or warm water!

Keep this process every day for 2 weeks and you should notice some good results afterwards.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another brilliant way not only to remove tobacco surface stains but also to improve your oral health. In fact, it adjusts your saliva pH indicator which makes from your mouth a decent environment for good bacteria populations.

You can mix baking soda with lime juice or strawberries or even with your regular toothpaste.

Keep in mind, that brushing with baking soda is absolutely not a substitute to your regular brushing. Actually it is mild abrasive and could wear your enamel down following an improper usage.

You can check this complete guide about baking soda for more in-depth information.

Activated Charcoal

Just like baking soda, activated charcoal removes effectively tobacco surface stains. In addition, it helps you reduce and even banish dental plaque and tartar which is a signature in smokers’ teeth.

You need to consider that activated charcoal is abrasive as well. That’s why the recommended schedule to apply it on your teeth is 3 up to 5 days straight once every season or twice a year.

You can check this complete guide about activated charcoal for teeth whitening. It will give you the blue print for a proper usage.

Crunchy fruits and Vegetables

For the record, if you are a smoker, fast foods and staining beverages will make your teeth 10 times more stained which is a real disaster!

Instead, you should opt more for crunchy fruits and vegetables like apple and carrot. In fact, while eating them, your mouth will produce saliva that will naturally clean your teeth.

Not to mention, all vitamins and minerals that these foods has that will make your teeth much stronger.

Teeth Whitening 4 you

This is a 100% natural teeth whitening program designed by a former dental nurse who had 17 longue years of experience in teeth whitening procedures.

She used all those years to figure out natural and super cheap ingredients to whiten your teeth effectively and pretty fast. In fact, some recipes could provide whitening results in a matter of 2 weeks which is short considering that no peroxide is included at all.

As a smoker or ex-smoker, if your teeth are sensitive or you are not confident about over-the-counter whitening products. This program is probably the best teeth whitening approach smokers may opt for.

I’ve written a complete review about this program. You can check it by clicking THIS LINK.

6. Laser Teeth Whitening for Smoking

As a tobacco consumer or ex-consumer, you may think about visiting your dentist to whiten your teeth. Which is a legit option, without a doubt!

Many dentists opt to use Laser teeth whitening as it is highly effective. Probably the most effective method we have today.

Each tooth is bleached separately which makes the process even more optimized.

Yet, you need to consider 3 different things before opting for this method:

  • Laser teeth whitening is the most expensive whitening method!
  • I am personally not confident that this method fits those with tooth sensitivity.
  • After having a laser teeth whitening session, you must not smoke or consume any staining food or beverage at least for 24 hours!

7. Clean Stained Teeth from Smoking

Whether you’ve chosen to use any whitening method above or not; cleaning your teeth on a daily basis as a smoker or an ex-smoker is a big deal in my opinion!

Otherwise, you can implement the most sophisticated and expensive teeth whitening methods out there and you will always end up with stained and bad looking teeth.

There are many ways to clean your teeth, and I will list the 3 most important ones:


Consider brushing on a daily basis, twice or 3 times a day. Your brushing procedure needs to be thorough in order to cover all possible places of your teeth.

In order to make the process more successful, you need to opt for an electric toothbrush. Actually, you will be able to brush faster, in a more thorough way and it is much safer for your teeth and gum.

The best electric toothbrush I recommend for smokers is oral-b 8000. You can learn more about it by checking this complete review.


This is one of the most underrated aspects of teeth cleaning. In other words, really few people consider flossing as a cleaning option or even recognize its importance.

In fact, flossing is as important as regular brushing if not more important. Indeed, when you floss you get rid of obscure stains and food residue between your teeth that brushing could usually not banish.

The best flossing time is at night an hour or so before sleeping and after taking your last meal. After that, you should brush or rinse to clean your mouth.

If you are not used to flossing, you may hurt your gum or teeth. In this case, you may think about using a decent water flosser which is much safer.

My best pick for you is Waterpik water flosser! If you are interested in it, you can learn more about it by checking this article.


Believe it or not, this is the oldest toothbrush in history!

In fact, our ancestors used it not only to clean/whiten their teeth but also to kill the bad germs that cause bad smell in your mouth.

Honestly, Miswak is my number 1 weapon against bad smell. I mean, sometimes my mouth smells really horrible, yet after one or 2 minutes brushing my teeth and tongue with Miswak, the awful smell is absolutely gone!

Another thing that I like about it is that unlike the ordinary brushing where you are limited for 2 or 3 times a day. You can use Miswask whenever you want without any given problem.

The saliva mixed with Miswak that you swallow is very healthy and good for your stomach and digestive system.

If you are interested in this method, I highly encourage you to check this Miswak Teeth Whitening Guide. You will know tons of interesting and actionable whitening tips using Miswak.

8. For Whiter Teeth … Just Quit Smoking!

I’ve talked earlier in this article about my dad’s story with smoking, and how he ended up with a much better smile and oral health, just by quitting smoking!

I need an e-book to write about how you could, and why you should quit smoking (most of these things are known by many people). But I will tell you this, quitting smoking will save your:

  • Life.
  • Health.
  • Tons of Money.

If you don’t know really where to start, you probably should check qui anti-smoking program that may change your life for the best!

Additionally to teeth whitening, what should you do to correct oral damage caused by smoking

We’ve discussed so far many possible ways to whiten your teeth and remove stains due to smoking. In order to make the process even more successful, I feel you need to correct and prevent other bad things that it does to your oral health in general.

This includes your lips that could be stained, and the color of your gums that may look awful due to smoking as well!

1. Remove Smoking Stains from lips

If you manage to whiten your teeth and still having stained lips due to smoking, your smile won’t look that great at all. Therefore, you need to consider resolving this part of the puzzle.

To make that happen you need to follow the following tips:

  • Drink as much water as you could. 8 glasses daily or even more! So you will keep your lips hydrated and you will make your body resist nicotine penetration. Thus you will eliminate smoking stains from your lips.
  • Eat strawberries from time to time. They provide you with high quality and delicious nutrition and also lighten your skin, teeth and lips.
  • Practice sport on a regular basis. So you will help your body release all toxic substances from your body including nicotine. Thus your lips will look less stained and healthier.

There are tons of other tips that you can follow, yet in my opinion, if you follow only these ones above, you will do just fine.

2. How to lighten gums from Smoking

Generally a pink, bright gum is a highly powerful sign of a healthy one. In fact, smoking usually makes you gum darker and sometimes with a tendency to look even black!

My preferred option to treat this issue is green tea as it is rich of antioxidants which allow it to treat many health and beauty issues including dark gums caused by smoking.

It also help improving gums overall health and reduce inflammations in case. So, it will tend more to the pink color and to a healthy state.

I found a great resource on the internet that you should probably check. It includes many tips to lighten gums due to smoking. You can check it by clicking here.

Smoking Side-effects – what does smoking do to your teeth and health in general

I will end this complete article by talking about some obscure side-effects that smoking has not only on your teeth but also on your health.

In fact, it is wise to be aware of these effects, in order to be able to prevent them and also to have more legit reasons why you should stop smoking!

1. Smoking’s Side Effect on gums and carries

Smoking plays a huge role building the bacterial plaque in the mouth, which increases the risk of periodontal diseases (tooth loosening).

In addition, it has been proven that nicotine alters the vasculature of the gingiva, decreasing gingival defense and repair capabilities.

Thus, the body will have a harder time effectively fighting any king of gum infection.

In comparison with non-smokers, gum disease progresses at a much faster rate among smokers (Honestly you should stop smoking).

All this explains why the success rate in implantology is much lower for smokers (80% – 85% for smokers VS 97% success for non-smokers).

Additionally, Smokers have more surgical complications, especially after an extraction…

Similarly, a smoker is likely to have three times as many tooth decay due to increased dental plaque caused by smoking.

2. Smoking causes ugly spots on your teeth

Cigarette contains mainly tar and nicotine. Those two elements cause in most cases, especially for long time smokers, yellow or even brownish spots on the teeth.

Those spots could become permanent by penetrating the small cracks in the tooth enamel after several years of smoking.

3. Mouth’s Cancer

Of all oral diseases related to smoking, oral cancer are certainly the most serious.

They come in many forms: cancer of the mouth, lips, tongue, palate, tonsils, gums, throat.

The risk of oral cancer is 5 to 10 times higher for smokers.

For a country like France, Mouth cancers affect at least 6,600 French people every single year.

Very sad …


After reading this article, you are probably aware and more than ever of many different ways to approach whitening your teeth to remove smoking stains.

Not only that!

But also how smoking is nasty for your teeth, oral and body health!

I really want to hear from you …

Let me know, what whitening method you are most likely going to try first (as a smoker or ex-smoker) ? Is it going to be a simple whitening mouthwash, or you are going a little bit further and try whitening strips or even laser teeth whitening.

Let me know on the comment section below …

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