Top 10 Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpastes In The Market!

Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste

Few years ago, I heard in a Radio Station from one of the most famous researchers in nutrition and health care that fluoride is not as good as we might think not only for your teeth but also for your overall health! (At the end of the article I talk about fluoride side-effects).

At the time, I was a little bit worried about my teeth! That is, my teeth were a little bit yellowish, so I was thinking whether there is any other alternative to fluoride?

Hopefully, one of my friends was using a fluoride free toothpaste all the time to brush his teeth, and confirms that it works pretty well for him.

Then, I started looking if the market provides any fluoride free whitening toothpastes. In fact, there is a wide variety that you can choose from!

So, I’ve made my homework to figure out the best ones not only to whiten teeth but also to improve oral health significantly!

In this article I list the top 10 best fluoride free toothpastes in the market today. Hopefully, after checking them out, you will be able to choose the paste that suits you the most!

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Why I’ve chosen to list 10 Fluoride Free whitening toothpastes rather than only One?

As you’ve may noticed in the title, you should expect like One product that I consider to be the very best!

Instead, I’ve chosen to list 10 of them!

Actually, I did that for several reasons:

  1. There is no such a product called the best one, each one is the best on its own!
  2. When it comes to teeth whitening, the results are not typical; each one may experience different results according to several different factors. Thus, sometimes you need to try more than one whitening product to figure out what would work best for you.
  3. This list includes fluoride free whitening products with different flavors and tastes; and sometimes this plays a huge factor for you to make your choice according to your taste.
  4. Some fluoride free toothpastes on the list tend more to strengthen your enamel, others tend to improve your oral health and others just concentrate on dental plaque removal. So it is up to you which one to choose according to your expectations.
  5. By listing that much whitening toothpastes you will be able to make an objective comparison depending on what each product brings to the table. Thus, you will make a reasonable choice!

1. Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste

This brand is well known and talked about in many other articles discussing the same subject. That’s why I preferred to start with it!

For the record, the manufacturer is based in India and owned by one family since the 30s! (Long time Ago …)

This certified organic fluoride free toothpaste doesn’t use conventional teeth whitening agents like peroxide. Instead, it whitens your teeth naturally using powerful enzymes coming from pineapple and papaya.

You probably may think that the taste is not good as it contains neither fluoride not carrageenan. Yet, it tastes very good. Indeed, it has a decent amount of mint that provides you with a fresh breath.

I remind you that some studies have proven that carrageenan has some side-effects on health. In fact, it may be bad for pregnant and breastfeeding women and also for those with low blood pressure!

Most whitening toothpastes include harsh and abrasive ingredients in their composition. Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste doesn’t include any of those elements which make the brushing and whitening process even safer.

In addition, this toothpaste makes your teeth and mouth feel clean because of the power of Neem and Pomegranate that make your breath even fresher for a longer period of time.

You can also use this paste to make your gum look and be healthy as it helps healing many gum’s issues. In fact, it is very hard to expect whitening results with sick gums. It doesn’t even make sense!

Unless you are curious about other brands, this is without a doubt the best fluoride free paste that there is!

I don’t see the price of this paste as being high considering all these qualities that it brings to the table. Actually, it depends on the vendor, but usually it is under the 5 bucks mark!


  • Whiten your teeth naturally.
  • Doesn’t include abrasive or harsh whitening agents.
  • The brand is one of the most reliable ones in the market.
  • The taste is really very good.
  • Helps healing your gum from issues like irritation.
  • Makes your mouth feel dentist clean.


  • Not recommended for super sensitive teeth.

You can check Himalaya Whitening Toothpaste Current Prices on Amazon.

2. Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

 Tom’s of Maine is another well-known brand in the market which brings many good advantages. In fact, they’ve started their manufacturing journey since the 70s which gave them more experience to continuously produce better natural health and oral care products.

This whitening product is mainly designed to fight tartar and buildup dental plaque. It also prevents them with regular brushing.

Thus, if this is your main purpose this product is probably the most reliable one you can provide for yourself these days. Actually, dental plaque is the main cause of teeth discoloration and decay.

The composition is rich in effective ingredients, such as Hydrated silica to remove surface stains, Zinc citrate for a fresh lasting breath, Peppermint flavor for a better taste and Sodium bicarbonate for pH adjustment.

pH adjustment is crutial when it comes to oral health improvement, as with a proper pH number your mouth will be not only a decent environment for good bacteria but also a nightmare environment for bad bacteria that produces acids that could irritate your teeth.

If you are afraid of risky ingredients, be sure, the product doesn’t include artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, preservatives or animal ingredients.

Some people have noticed after years of usage a big improvement in their oral health associated with a better smile which sounds great!

This fluoride free toothpaste remains affordable for those who are on a budget and seeking for a quality product! It depends on vendors, but usually it remains under the 4 bucks mark.


  • Many customers consider it as the best toothpaste in its category
  • Pretty affordable.
  • Fights plaque / tartar and prevent them from happening.
  • pH adjustment for a better oral health.
  • Free of animal ingredients.
  • It doesn’t leave a bad or strong aftertaste that some popular toothpastes do.


  • You should keep it out of reach of your children.

You can check Tom’s of Maine Current Prices on Amazon.

3. Now Foods Xyliwhite, Baking Soda Toothpaste

Now Foods Xyliwhite is a legit whitening toothpaste that was made by a leader in natural products industry (NOW Foods). This company has been operation in this industry since 1968, which should have given it enough knowledge and capability to produce top natural products.

This toothpaste is mainly based on Xylitol which does a better job than fluoride. In fact, this element helps your mouth support a better oral health that sets place for the whitening agent to work pretty well.

In addition, Xylitol is more of a natural sugar. That is, it has the same taste, texture and flavor, yet Xylitol has 40% fewer in calories. Moreover, what makes Xylitol a legit natural element is the fact that you can find it in so many fruits like strawberry. Keep in mind that the latter is used for natural teeth whitening.

There are many people who emphasize on Xylitol as a main ingredient in a whitening toothpaste before buying it. If you are one of them, Now Foods Xyliwhite is probably the best fluoride free whitening toothpaste available for you!

The main whitening agent for this paste is baking soda (bicarbonate sodium) which is not only effective for surface stains removal but also for pH adjustment that I’ve explained above.

This fluoride free toothpaste is gluten-free; SLS- free and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that many whitening products have like carbamide peroxide.

Not to mention its ability to reduce dental plaque and tartar that makes your teeth look awful and vulnerable to discoloration.

I’ve seen many verified buyers who’ve bought and tried this paste and other brands, confirming that this whitening product is better than all competitors which is interesting!

This toothpaste is safe for your children, they can actually use it also!


  • Happy customers considering Now Foods Xyliwhite the better product.
  • No SLS or Harsh whitening chemicals.
  • pH Adjustment for a better oral health.
  • Decent amount of Xylitol that has tons of natural benefits.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Safe for children use.
  • Reduces plaque.


  • I don’t see any con other that this product is not well marketed.

You can check Now Foods Xyliwhite Current Prices on Amazon.

4. Kiss My Face – Toothpaste – Whitening Cool Mint

If you are looking for blasting breath freshness, Kiss My Face would be one of the most reliable toothpaste for you. Even if it is that fresh it is free from all kinds of flavors and sweeteners that are harmful especially on the long term.

Dental plaque is a nightmare for those who are looking for white teeth with a better smile. That’s why; this whitening product includes a well-studied combination of xylitol and tea tree to give you the edge for plaque and tartar removal.

Tea tree is also used as an antioxidant for your mouth. Actually, getting an adequate supply of antioxidants is critical for maintaining a healthy mouth. They can actually promote a healthy one in several ways! For example, they can help preventing gum bleeding. 

When it comes to whitening, the company seems to think out of the box. In fact, instead of using conventional whitening agents like peroxide or even baking soda, they’ve chosen to opt for a much natural whitening agent which is Icelandic moss.

In addition to Icelandic moss, this product includes Aloe Vera Gel and Silica for more whitening effects.

This toothpaste will really take care of you gum, using a combination of co-q10 and horse chestnut. Thus, gum’s most common issues like irritation and sensitivity won’t stop you from chasing that beautiful smile!

Keep in mind, that pleasant taste of this toothpaste is maintained by natural flavor sources, just like peppermint and menthol.


  • Triclosan and cruelty free.
  • Whiten your teeth naturally using Icelandic moss and Aloe Vera.
  • The flavor is really tasty.
  • Many happy customers after using this product.
  • Removes pretty easily plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth.


  • The whitening effect could take a longer time.
  • Not adapted for heavily stained teeth.

You can check Kiss my face – toothpaste Current Prices on Amazon.

5. Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal

If you are a fan of activated charcoal teeth whitening, Hello Oral Care is without a doubt one of the most effective toothpastes to choose from.

For the record, one tube of this whitening product is 4 ounces!

If you don’t know it yet, Activated charcoal is a very common whitening agent that at home whitening amateurs use in order to gently remove surface stains and promote your oral health.

This whitening toothpaste doesn’t include nasty chemicals like peroxide for whitening purposes which makes the process safer.

Hello Oral Care as a company is highly experienced in the toothpaste industry. Indeed, they suggest to their customers many different types of toothpastes for different purposes like whitening, sensitivity relief and kids’ oral care…

People with sensitive teeth who have used this product have expressed their comfort while using this product!

As a caution, you should be considering these things:

  • You should keep this product permanently out of reach of your children.
  • If the safety seal is broken or missing you should stop brushing with this toothpaste.
  • This whitening toothpaste is not for a long term use, in my opinion, you should use it once every season or twice a year.


  • This whitening product is made in USA, no creepy made in china products!
  • Adjusts your mouth pH indicator to promote your oral health.
  • SLS and Judgmint free for a minimum side-effect.
  • Adapted for sensitive teeth and for people who are afraid from feeling any tooth sensitivity.
  • This product has never been tested on animals according to the company.
  • Most of users seem very happy with the results they’ve reached.
  • Leaping Bunny Certified and PETA recognized.


  • Some customers didn’t really like the after taste.
  • The black paste could be messy if you don’t spit correctly.

You can check Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Current Prices on Amazon.

6. Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste With Bamboo

Let’s continue with the activated charcoal pace so to speak!

Actually, Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste is another top whitening fluoride free toothpaste that you can use to improve your smile and oral health at the same time.

If you are an ex-smoker, a coffee drinker, a black tea drinker or even a fast food consumer your teeth have probably developed a hell lot of stains on them! This activated charcoal based toothpaste is well designed for all these kinds of stains. You should notice changes in a matter of few days!

For the record, this whitening product is also adapted for sensitive teeth!

If you are looking for rapid and more effective whitening results the manufacturer recommend mixing this paste with their tooth whitening powder called Tuxedo. In my opinion, you probably should not do that, unless there is a sense of urgency.

Keep in mind that when it comes to teeth whitening slow and steady wins the race!

Even if the company promotes this product as being safe for a daily usage, I don’t personally recommend using it forever, probably one tube each six months is more than enough.

Being an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal paste, this product helps you promote healthy gums for a better oral care.

Even if this product if adapted for sensitive teeth, once you start feeling any sensitivity or irritated gums you should stop using it immediately and contact them for a refund!

To push this whitening product’s whitening and bacteria prevention to the next level they’ve included coconut oil which is one of the best oral care ingredients that there is!

It is recommended to brush with a toothbrush that has soft bristles for a better customer experience. Indeed, I couldn’t agree more!


  • No harsh bleaching chemicals.
  • Gentle for your enamel.
  • Some users consider this product as the best they’ve ever used.
  • Build healthy gums.
  • Made in USA.
  • SLS free toothpaste.
  • Adapted for coffee drinkers and ex-smokers.
  • Proposes a refund in case of tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.


  • If not used properly, it may cause tooth sensitivity.

You can check Organic activated Charcoal Toothpaste Current Prices on Amazon.

7. Dr Gingers Fluoride Free Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening Toothpaste

I am not kidding here, but if you are looking for a great whitening toothpaste regardless of necessity of paying few extra bucks, then Dr Gingers Fluoride Free Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening Toothpaste is the one you should go for blind eyed.

It is an all-natural toothpaste mainly based on coconut oil not only to naturally whiten your teeth but also to help you support healthy gums for many years to come.

The taste is pretty unique; it is a coconut-mint delicious taste that will make you looking forward using it every single day!

Even if this whitening product is good and highly reliable the company doesn’t promise or claim that it will restore or re-build your enamel whatsoever.

It is recommended to mix this toothpaste with Dr Gingers oil pulling and whitening mouthwash for better whitening results. Yet, unless you are really seeking for quicker results, you probably should use the toothpaste only!

Dental plaque is a perfect environment for bad bacteria that produces acid. The latter, hurts your teeth and causes discoloration. If your teeth fall into this category Dr. ginger will significantly reduce or even remove plaque.

The tube is very convenient, practical to use and makes getting every last drop from it very easy.


  • Triclosan-free.
  • No artificial dyes or sweeteners.
  • Could be used by your kids and they will love brushing teeth through this product.
  • Clinically tested by one of the best dental care specialists in USA.
  • Adapted for sensitive teeth.
  • Includes Xylitol for a better oral care.
  • Freshens your breath in a way that lasts longer than usual.
  • Makes your teeth feel very clean.
  • It is probably the best rated  toothpaste on Amazon in its category.


  • It is a little bit expensive comparing to the average fluoride free pastes out there.

You can check Dr Gingers Fluoride Free Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening Toothpaste Current Prices on Amazon.


Do you love chocolate? If so, this would be a great pick for you. In fact, as a chocolate fan, the tube makes me feel that I am about to eat a tasty chocolate bar!

In addition, this whitening product is promoted with its ability to harness the power of cacao to help you maximize enamel re-mineralization instead of doing that with the conventional fluoride.

Indeed, some verified buyers have confirmed that this product has helped them with enamel issues like Enamel hypoplasia. This good effect is empowered by a good combination of calcium and phosphate.

The manufacturer confirms they’ve performed clinical tests against Sensodyne (Another relevant brand) on 80 people. The tests have taken place in the university of Texas and Theodent results surpassed Sensodyne’s ones in term of enamel restoration and strengthening!

Plus it ability to restore your enamel, this paste is totally safe if swallowed. In fact, they’ve got an FDA status called GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) which is a designation from US Food and Drug Administration to be compliant with the highest standard of food safety.


  • Very helpful for enamel re-mineralization in case you’ve a thin or eroded one.
  • A good way to protect yourself against enamel loss.
  • Designed for sensitive teeth.
  • Safe if swallowed.
  • Cruelty free
  • SLS free


  • I’ve made some little researches, but I am still not sure if this whitening product is gluten-free or not.
  • It is a little bit expensive comparing to other similar products.

You can check THEODENT CLASSIC Current Prices on Amazon.

9. The Natural Dentist Charcoal Whitening Fluoride-free Cocomint Toothpaste

This is toothpaste mainly based on activated charcoal. The latter, is known and proven for its high ability to clean, whiten teeth and prevent stains formation.

This toothpaste has many elements designed to relieve gums, teeth and mouth discomforts and also to improve your oral health in general; such as Aloe Vera, Echinacea, Goldenseal and Calendula.

The Natural Dentist Charcoal Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste has a decent coco mint flavor – combined with natural mint and coconut oil.

In addition to its whitening effect, the product provides you with a durable fresh breathe and makes your mouth feel clean.

Keep in mind that as this product is natural, you should not expect immediate whitening effect. The latter, needs few weeks of consistent usage to start being noticeable.


  • SLS Free.
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
  • Gluten free.
  • Triclosan free.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • The flavor is very good.
  • Mouth pH regulation.
  • Nice texture and not oily.
  • No animal testing.
  • Consistent paste.
  • Some people consider it as the best activated charcoal toothpaste today.
  • Removes stains and built up dental plaque safely.


  • Some people found its taste a little bit strong.
  • I’ve noticed on Amazon that there are not many reviews, only dozens.

You can check The Natural Dentist Charcoal Current Prices on Amazon.

10. JASON Sea Fresh Strengthening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

This fluoride free product is not mainly designed for teeth whitening purposes. Yet many people confirm they’ve experienced decent whitening results which pushed me to include this product in this list!

The tube format is pretty convenient and seems bigger than average similar products. Indeed, each tube is 6 ounces.

If your teeth are not heavily stained, Jason Sea is probably a very good pick for you. In fact, it makes your teeth look brighter, not to mention its ability to freshen your breath without any harsh, abrasive or dangerous chemicals.

In addition, for tooth strengthening, this fluoride free toothpaste is rich in protein and other ingredients for that matter.

What makes from this product reliable is the brand (JASON) which is known for its deep experience in personal care that started since 1959!


  • Not abrasive.
  • There are no harsh chemicals whatsoever.
  • Free of gluten, parabens, phthalates and saccharin.
  • Wasn’t tested on animals.
  • Certified organic.
  • Tons of positive reviews on Amazon.


  • Should be kept out of reach of your children who are under 6.
  • Wasn’t evaluated by the FDA.

You can check Jason Sea Current Prices on Amazon.

What are fluoride Downsides?

I would like to end this article with the downsides of fluoride!

If you are used to fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes, you may find this a little bit weird, as you’ve always heard that fluoride is a great elements to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

Don’t get me wrong, fluoride is powerful against these issues but it still represents some downsides that you need to be aware of. That’s actually one of the main reasons fluoride toothpastes are considerably cheaper than fluoride free ones!

Below some fluoride Cons, you probably need to consider:

  • Fluoride is pretty safe in appropriate doses, but if children overuse this element, it usually leads to discolored enamel which is pretty bad.
  • Swallowing fluoride toothpaste is not something good for health. Indeed, this happens most of the time with children as they find the paste very tasty!
  • Fluoride has a tendency to accumulate in the body.
  • In addition, I’ve made some researches and found that no health agency in fluoridated countries is monitoring fluoride exposure or side effects. 
  • Tooth decay does not go up when you stop fluoridation.

For more information about fluoride downsides on your health, you can check this excellent article which exposes 50 different reasons why fluoride is not as good as you might think!


Finally, the main purpose of this article is not only to list the best fluoride free whitening toothpastes out there, but also to be aware that whitening and oral care could be easily and effectively done without the need of a fluoride based paste.

As I’ve said before, I tried to list the most relevant and talked about brands out there by providing maximum data and user experiences about each one of them. Hopefully, you will be able to make the right choice according to your expectations!

If you know any other brands, I would like that you mention it in the comment section below, so I would review it and list it in this article.

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