Best 18 Whitening Mouthwashes EVER! Make your Choice …

Best Whitening Mouthwash

Teeth Whitening mouthwashes are one of the easiest ways not only to achieve a beautiful smile safely, but also to improve your oral health in general.

In addition, whitening mouthwashes are pretty much underused by many people seeking for whiter teeth. Actually, they tend to go to drugstores or to visit online platforms in order to buy some expensive, risky and not easy to use whitening products.

In other words, once you realize how whitening mouthwash is great for your teeth, enamel, gums and breathe you will consider it every single time as your very primary option!

The only thing you need to know right now is the best teeth whitening mouthwash that would suit you the most. Of course, this depends on your teeth, gum sensitivity and your oral health.

In this complete article I am reviewing the Best 18 Mouthwashes for white teeth in the market today!

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Why I’ve chosen to list 18 Whitening Mouthwashes rather than just one?

As you’ve may noticed in the title “Best Whitening Mouthwashes”, you should expect like One product that I would consider to be the very best and that I would definitely recommend!

Instead, I’ve chosen to list 18 of them! (This is actually a big number)

In fact, I did that for numerous reasons:

  1. Honestly, I don’t believe there is such a product called the best one ever! I mean, each one is the best on its own and on what it does better!
  2. When it comes to teeth whitening or bleaching, the final results are not typical; each individual may experience different results depending on several variables. That’s why; sometimes you probably need to try more than one whitening mouthwash to figure out the one that would work best for you.
  3. This list includes whitening mouthwashes with different flavors and tastes; and as you know, this plays a big factor for you to make your choice according to your preferred taste.
  4. Some whitening mouthwashes on the list tend more to strengthen and restore your enamel, others tend to improve your oral health and others just concentrate on dental plaque and tartar removal. So it is up to you on which one to choose according to your expectations!
  5. By listing that much whitening mouthwashes you will be able to make a thorough and objective comparison depending on what each whitening product brings to the table. So, you will make the best choice for sure!

1. Crest 3D White Luxe Mouthwash

Crest has developed through the years a huge base of loyal customers because of the quality of its whitening and oral care products.

Crest 3D White luxe Mouthwash is just one of them! In fact it removes bad bacteria that produces acids. Those acids are the main reason of plaque formation.

In addition, the most suborn stains could effectively be removed from the surface using this whitening mouthwash without hurting your gums. Instead, it gives a good gum protection for a decent period of time.

Crest 3D White luxe Mouthwash has also a good prevention effect against future stains (like those coming from coffee, tea, soda …). This is performed by a so-called Whitelock Technology which is exclusive to this whitening product.

Even if the product description seems to confirm its ability to provide whitening results within 2 days by removing extrinsic stains (Probably true in some cases). Yet, the customer experience shows that you will notice real results after several days of consistent usage which sounds more realistic.

You can rinse for more than 1 minute if you wish. Actually, you don’t feel like your mouth is burning due to alcohol unlike most average mouthwashes out there.

Instead it has a fresh minty taste that keeps your breathe fresh after rinsing for a decent period of time.

On the other hand, Crest 3D White Luxe Mouthwash packaging’s is not that great. In fact, it is not easy to open the cap unless you are a bodybuilder (I am just joking …). But seriously, it is a little bit hard to open by the time I am writing this review. Hopefully, they’ve fixed that! Other than that, it is all good.


  • Tons of happy customers who’ve got the expected whitening results.
  • Some people noticed results in few days.
  • Works as good as the whitening strips and sometimes even better.
  • Many users confirm they don’t feel any sensitivity while or after rinsing.
  • Not only removes already built up stains, but also prevent against future stains.
  • Gives you a fresh breathe that lasts enough until the next rinse or tooth brushing.


  • It may taste strong for some users.
  • The cap may be a little bit difficult to open.

You can check Crest 3D White luxe Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

2. Colgate Optic White

With a good concentration of hydrogen peroxide that reaches 2%, Colgate Optic White has the ability to whiten your teeth effectively.

In other words, it removes extrinsic stains pretty much easily. The latters are responsible of the yellowish color that impact the look of your teeth and smile.

Colgate is a leader in oral care products, especially toothpastes. Yet, they didn’t invest heavily to produce a high standard teeth whitening mouthwash until recently (few years ago).

Indeed, they are not far away from the leaders in the whitening mouthwash market today like Crest or Listerine.

This mouthwash contains a complete list of ingredients (glycerin, phosphoric acid, sorbitol …) in order to adjust the pH indicator of your saliva to a healthy one. Keep in mind, that when you’ve got a healthy oral pH indicator, your saliva will help you develop good bacteria populations and remove bad bacteria populations.

In addition, Colgate Optic White is an alcohol free mouthwash. Thus, no worries about any burning sensations at all. Not to mention that this helps keeping your gum in great condition.

Four weeks are enough to notice real whitening results if you keep rinsing twice a day on a daily basis.

This whitening mouthwash would give you the best possible results if they are combined with Colgate Optic White whitening toothpaste. Yet, this is not a must, only a recommendation.

Finally, I want to add that their customer service seems active, responsive and ready to provide you with any recommendations and directives in order to get the best results not only using their mouthwash but also any other Colgate product.


  • Most verified buyers are happy with the whitening results.
  • Makes your mouth feel clean.
  • Removes dental Plaque.
  • Refreshes you breathe.
  • Helps your teeth to resist coffee and teas stains.


  • Some people may need one or two rinses to get used to its taste.
  • Not as minty as most mouthwashes out there.

You can check Colgate Optic White whitening mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

3. Reach Complete Care

I personally like this whitening mouthwash, not only because it is legit and provides good whitening and oral care results but also the manufacturer seems to CARE about the end user by providing him a good user experience.

In other words, they provide you with a pump, a nice cup and a toothbrush holder. Of course, none of these are extraordinary benefits but it just gives you an idea that the manufacturer is also thinking about giving their customers a good user experience!

The taste is very good, not too strong or medicinal and keeps your mouth fresh after your first use.

Even if your gum is sensitive, you still can consider using this mouthwash as you have nothing to worry about when it comes to burning sensations!

Reach Complete Care is an 8-in-1 product that whitens your teeth in a matter of several days and improves your oral health pretty much in a durable way.

The pump is very useful not only for an easy usage but also to keep the liquid clean, fresh and to not be contaminated at all.

There are many happy users with the results and most of them think that this is absolutely the top mouthwash out there.

This mouthwash is alcohol free which makes it much safer especially if you are intending to use it for several weeks.


  • Tons of happy verified buyers who are ready to re-order the product and recommend it for those who are looking for a legit whitening mouthwash.
  • Some people consider this product as the best mouthwash for white teeth.
  • The bottle contains a pump that protects the liquid and a brush holder which may be useful.
  • Very good taste and after taste.
  • It is an alcohol free mouthwash.
  • The manufacturer is very experienced in the whitening mouthwash industry which makes their products trustworthy.


  • Honestly, I don’t see any Con other than this product is not well advertised like some other mouthwashes like Crest, Colgate or Listerine. I say this because I think that this mouthwash is on that level if not in a higher one!

You can check Reach Complete Care Current Prices on Amazon.

4. Essential Oxigen Mouthwash

Probably this is the first time you hear about Essential Oxigen Mouthwash, this doesn’t mean that it is not relevant or doesn’t have whitening credentials. On the contrary, it is an organic mouthwash which is really effective.

In addition, the manufacturer confirms that the mouthwash ingredients are gluten-free which is awesome.

If you are looking for a natural whitening mouthwash, this one is one of the best, as it is completely organic. Indeed, it has no alcohol, no chlorine, no fluoride or sulfate … There are no ingredients you can question or suspect.

Instead, these ingredients are replaced by peppermint, a bit of lemon, leaf oil, water, aloe vera and much more …

Even if doesn’t has fluoride on it, Essential Oxigen Mouthwash does a good job fighting tooth decay and protecting your enamel.

According to many users, the whitening effect tends to start being noticeable from the 6th week if not earlier following a proper use.

One more sweet thing about this whitening mouthwash is the cost which is very affordable (usually under 10 bucks for a 16 ounce) which gives you a good chance to afford using this quality whitening product even if you are on a budget.

This product is also adapted for women which are pregnant or breastfeeding and still want to whiten their teeth.


  • Naturally whiten your teeth without being concerned about any whitening side effect like sensitivity.
  • No chemicals involved in the whitening process.
  • Pretty Affordable for someone on a budget.
  • A gluten-free mouthwash which is a very good thing.
  • Improves your oral health.
  • Takes care of your gum.
  • There are tons of great reviews and verified buyers who are happy with the results.


  • You need to be a little bit patient before noticing the whitening results.

You can check Essential Oxigen Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

5. Listerine Healthy White

Listerine is a leader when it comes to the whitening mouthwash industry. They offer to their customers a wide range of mouthwashes depending on the case (for whitening, to fight cavities, antiseptic…).

Listerine offers one of the most reliable whitening mouthwashes in the market today. It brings other oral health care properties that improve your oral condition and teeth strength.

Listerine Healthy white helps you remove surface stains effectively and gives a good protection against stains which could potentially build up on your teeth.

Even if this mouthwash is advertised as being peroxide-free, keep in mind that it still has some portion of hydrogen peroxide but in its native form which is much better.

People who are suffering from bad breathe could easily resolve this issue using this mouthwash that kills bacteria and germs causing this problem.

One of the most common issues that come along with using most whitening mouthwashes is irritation. Indeed, Listerine Healthy White doesn’t represent this problem at all!

You need to keep in mind that this whitening mouthwash should be kept permanently out of reach of your children. Indeed, if they accidently swallow it, you should get a medical help instantly.

For maximum results, you should use Listerine White twice a day few minutes after brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste.


  • Eliminates bad breath pretty quickly.
  • Many happy verified buys with the outcome of using this whitening mouthwash.
  • Gives a nice a refreshing feeling after usage.
  • Makes your mouth feel clean after the first usage.
  • Provides real whitening results within few weeks of consistent usage.
  • Improves your overall oral health.


  • You need to keep this whitening mouthwash out of reach of your children permanently.
  • Probably, depending on the person, you may need few usages to get used to its taste.

You can check Listerine Healthy White Current Prices on Amazon.

6. Oral Essentials Mouthwash

If you are not rushing and looking for very quick results, probably this is a decent mouthwash for you. In fact, the manufacturer confirms that this mouthwash is not for those looking for instant results!

Actually, this is justified by the fact that this whitening mouthwash is totally free from the main conventional whitening agents. I am talking here about baking sodium and hydrogen peroxide. Instead it opts for sea salt (from dead sea – according to them) and other natural ingredients like lemon and coconut oil.

Thus, the whitening effect will be delayed for a little while, but your smile will be naturally whitened without the conventional side-effects and the results will be durable.

Oral Essentials Mouthwash has also the capability to fight tooth decay without the need of using fluoride, instead they use xylitol which has also the ability to prevent and reduce dental decays.

As it is alcohol-free, the irritation that comes with most cheap whitening mouthwashes are not a concern at all. This allows young people and those with gum sensitivity to use it without any significant concern.

In addition, if your teeth are sensitive or you are afraid from causing any kind of tooth sensitivity you still can use this mouthwash without any problem.

Oral Essentials Mouthwash removes gently most types of stains, including coffee, tea, and tobacco without scratching your enamel whatsoever.

If you combine this mouthwash with Oral Essentials fresh breathe toothpaste, you should get better and a bit quicker results. Yet, there is no need if you are not in a hurry!


  • I like the fact the manufacturer are transparent with the capabilities of their product.
  • Refreshing taste, minty, not overpowering or artificial
  • Made in USA, exactly in California.
  • The ingredients are natural.
  • Removes most kinds of teeth stains.
  • Many happy users.


  • Results take time to manifest, up to 6 straight weeks.

You can check Oral Essentials Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

7. Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash

You’ve read earlier in this article the review about Crest 3D White luxe Mouthwash. Indeed, this is another whitening mouthwash that Crest offers to its customers.

Using this whitening mouthwash won’t cause any burning sensations that most whitening products do. This makes it easier for you to use it on a daily basis and include it in your oral care routine.

Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash has all necessary ingredients not only to give you a decent tooth cavities protection but also to banish germs causing bad breath and keep it fresh as long as possible.

Your enamel (which is the protective layer on your teeth) will be protected and strengthened within a consistent and proper use of this whitening mouthwash.

Crest Pro-Health removes pretty much easily and effectively extrinsic stains coming from staining foods and beverages.

This product should be kept out of reach of your children to avoid any accidental swallowing of the liquid. Thus any medical issue …

If you have intense sensitive sensations when you expose your teeth to something cold or hot, this won’t be the best product for you. Indeed, using it in this case would probably give you similar sensations.

The flavor is very pleasant, and some users have noticed whitening results within 2 weeks which is pretty fast for a whitening mouthwash.

If you are an ex-smoker who recently gave up smoking, Crest Pro-Health mouthwash would be one of the best mouthwashes for white teeth after many years of smoking.


  • No burning sensation due to an alcohol free formula.
  • The whitening results are pretty fast and could be noticed starting from the second week unlike most whitening mouthwashes out there.
  • Kills bad germs that cause bad smell in your mouth.
  • This mouthwash gives you a fresh breath.


  • Not adapted for those who express some extreme teeth sensitivity.

You can check Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

8. Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse

For those who don’t trust chemical based whitening products, Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse is definitely one of the top whitening mouthwashes for you. Indeed, it doesn’t include any harsh chemicals whatsoever.

In addition, this mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol or any artificial color or sweeteners which makes from rinsing using this product even safer.

It is commonly known, that whitening mouthwashes based only on natural ingredients tends to take more time to provide whitening results. Yet, the results are more durable and they are reachable without the common side effects such as teeth sensitivity or gums irritation.

As I am writing this article, the vendor is offering some interesting discounts that reach up to 25% which is an interesting deal. I am not sure, but probably this is the only mouthwash vendor that offers this kind of deal.

This is another mouthwash made in USA which ensures a high standard in term of quality and reliability.

This mouthwash gives you the edge of fighting dental cavities and tooth decay not with fluoride, but instead with xylitol which is much safer for a long term usage.

It also contains a 3% of hydrogen peroxide that removes surface stains off your teeth that came from years of eating and drinking staining foods and beverages.

The great thing about the manufacturer of Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse is that they offer you a solid Money Back – No Question Asked Guaranty. Probably this won’t give you any excuse not to use this product.


  • An Alcohol free formula that protects your mouth.
  • Tons of happy verified buyers not only with the whitening results but also with a noticeable improvement in their oral health.
  • This mouthwash gives you a fresh breath.
  • 100% natural with no harsh chemicals.
  • Doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Made in USA.


  • Doesn’t work for grey stains, or for those who have enamel loss or erosion.

You can check Best Whitening Pre-brush Oral Rinse Current Prices on Amazon.

9. Lucky Teeth Organic Mouthwash

This whitening mouthwash is appreciated by many verified customers as they have got simply the expected results without noticeable side effects. At the end of the day, this is what it is all about! Isn’t it?

Those side effects are almost absent following a use of this whitening mouthwash because it is simply free from ingredients that cheap or average quality mouthwashes have. That is to say gluten, glycerin, sugar, fluoride and alcohol. This ensures fewer chances of you being caught with burning sensations or other health issues.

The manufacturer confirms that this whitening product was tested on real people including family and friends and not animals which is a good point to make.

The main purpose of Lucky Teeth Organic Mouthwash is not to whiten your teeth (of course it has some food grade peroxide for whitening purposes) but it is for the well-being of your gum.

In other words, it has a combination of essential oils to heal or at least relieve gum diseases like, gingivitis, bleeding, inflammation and sensitivity.

The taste is good and even delicious. In fact, it is minty and makes your mouth and breath feel really fresh.

To get the most out of this mouthwash you probably need to use it with lucky teeth organic toothpaste which re-mineralizes and fortifies your teeth and gum. In my opinion, you should not consider this as a necessity but if you don’t have a problem in spending a little bit more money for even better results, I mean why not?


  • Provides you with decent whitening results.
  • The ingredients are not harmful and can provide you with good results with no side effects.
  • Tastes good.
  • Heals and relieves your gum from many kinds of deceases.
  • If your throat is scratchy or sore you still can use this mouthwash to make it smooth.


  • Some users think the bottle should contain more liquid.

You can check Lucky Teeth Organic Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

10. Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitening & Strengthening

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitening & Strengthening is mainly based on natural ingredients such as baking soda which is its main whitening agent.

The bottle is pretty big around 16 oz which is a better deal comparing with some other mouthwashes which are only 9oz or even less with almost the same price.

This whitening mouthwash doesn’t burn your mouth as it is alcohol free, and it gives you a fresh breath that lasts for hours. Thus, you can use it in the mornings, so the sensation of a clean and fresh mouth would last the whole morning until lunch!

This product is pretty new in the whitening mouthwashes industry, thus a bit hard to find in regular stores. But thanks to Amazon and some big online market places you can find it and eventually order it if you think it is what it would suit you.

This mouthwash tastes really good without the need of having any kinds of sweeteners or artificial flavors.

If your teeth are not heavily stained Truly radiant is probably the best pick for you as it removes surface stains and keeps your teeth white.

Some customers who have expressed tooth sensitivity in the past confirm that this has reduced significantly after a decent period of time using this product.


  • Peroxide free, instead you’ve got baking soda which is much safer.
  • Alcohol free, which means it doesn’t cause common burning sensations.
  • Doesn’t only whiten your teeth but also gives you a decent protection against cavities.
  • The fresh breath sensation lasts for several hours.
  • Keeps your teeth white by preventing common staining causes like coffee, staining foods and beverages.
  • If you’ve got thin or eroded enamel, it helps you restoring and strengthening it.


  • Some people felt a strong after taste.

You can check Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Whitening & Strengthening Current Prices on Amazon.

11. Jason Natural Cosmetics Powersmile Mouthwash

This is a very good mouthwash if you are looking for white teeth, the natural way! Actually, according to many verified users this whitening mouthwash actually works …

After rinsing with Jason Natural Cosmetics Powersmile Mouthwash you will leave your mouth pepperminty and fresh for a decent period of time.

You don’t have to worry about any bad or burning sensation as it is alcohol free. In addition, it is also saccharin free which is even better as the latter may have some side effects for people who gain weight easily, those who are diabetes and also some people with allergic reactions.

In addition to your whitening goals, if your gum is expressing some kinds of issues like inflammation or sensitivity. This mouthwash is really very good as its formula is rich in Aloe Vera Gel which helps your gum recover quickly and healthily.

I would like to mention that this whitening mouthwash is Aloe Vera certified which is pretty rare among natural whitening mouthwashes out there.

If you are not a fluoride fan like me, this mouthwash would suit you as it doesn’t include it in its composition, instead it has more natural elements which are less risky and express lower side-effects.

Some people really believe not only that this is the most underrated mouthwash, but also, that this is the best mouthwash for white teeth.

What I’ve liked about this product is that some buyers kept ordering this mouthwash for several times which prove how good this rinsing liquid really is!


  • Tons of happy users.
  • People keep buying this product over and over again!
  • This whitening mouthwash capabilities match some high profile products such as Crest and Colgate.
  • Very good taste.
  • Alcohol and Gluten Free.
  • Heals your gum from inflammation and sensitivity.
  • Aloe Vera certified.


  • Some people think that the liquid quantity should be increased a little bit.

You can check Jason Natural Cosmetics Powersmile Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

12. Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse

 This whitening mouthwash helps you re-mineralize your teeth and restore your enamel if it is sensitive or eroded. This is very important if you are looking for white teeth as you can’t do it unless your enamel is in a good shape and your teeth are strong enough.

Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse whitens your teeth without including any harmful or harsh chemicals in its composition.

The mouthwash bottle looks really good and it is even classy. I mean if you want to offer it as a gift for example, this will make you look classy!

As you may know, dental plaque is one of the main reasons of turning your teeth yellowish and bad looking. This mouthwash is a very good weapon against dental plaque even those which are not easy to remove.

If you have an appointment, a job interview or any kind of occasion (e.g.: wedding …) it is a great idea to rinse your mouth with this mouthwash right before. This will make your teeth feel super clean and give you a fresh breath, thus a much more confident attitude.

If your teeth are sensitive, you probably should check with your dentist just to make sure that the mouthwash ingredients won’t potentially cause you any teeth sensitivity.

If you’ve got veneers or dental crowns, you can still use this rinsing liquid as it cleans them pretty noticeably.

You should expect an easy 2 shades whitening improvement after only one week of usage which is not bad at all.


  • I personally like the bottle design.
  • No harsh chemicals in the whitening formula.
  • If your enamel has some issues (erosion …) you could easily restore it within few weeks or usage.
  • Removes dental plaque and prevent teeth discoloration.


  • It costs a little bit more than average mouthwashes.
  • Some buyers had a strong aftertaste.

You can check Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse Current Prices on Amazon.

13. The Natural Dentist Healthy White Pre-Brush Rinse mouthwash

This mouthwash is one of the few ones in the market today that proposes 3 different tastes to hopefully match yours.

For me this is an intelligent move! As many users who have experienced other whitening mouthwashes suffered from the bad after taste.

Those 3 tastes are clean mint, fresh mint and cool mint.

Comparing to other whitening mouthwashes, The Natural Dentist is really pretty cheap and affordable for those who are on a budget.

It is recommended to combine this mouthwash with The Natural Dentist Toothpaste for even better whitening results. Yet, if you are sticking to a low cost solution, you may just keep using only the mouthwash and be fine.

This mouthwash will help you to improve your oral health by healing many issues within you gum and fighting tooth decay and cavities using Xylitol instead of fluoride.

Keep in mind that you should always shed this bottle before any usage!

You need to stick to a consistent usage before noticing any whitening, but the good news is that the regular whitening side effects are not a concern at all.

This whitening mouthwash is very good for coffee or tea drinker. Thus, you will continue to drink coffee or tea without staining your teeth.


  • The manufacturer suggests 3 different tastes to the customers which is sweet.
  • Very affordable, fairly under the 10 bucks mark.
  • There are lots of users who are just happy with the results.
  • Makes your teeth feel clean.
  • Whiten your teeth naturally with no peroxide or harsh chemicals.
  • There are no artificial colors or flavors.


  • You should keep it permanently out of reach of your children.
  • The whitening results may put little bit of time to be noticeable.

You can check The Natural Dentist Healthy White Pre-Brush Rinse mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

14. Zinda Naturals Black Oil Mouthwash & Oral Pulling Oil

Have you ever heard about Oil pulling for teeth whitening purposes? And have you ever heard about Activated charcoal teeth whitening methods? Actually, this mouthwash is a sweet combination of both to whiten your teeth naturally…

Keep in mind that this is not a daily mouthwash! In fact, you should use this whitening product on a weekly basis to reach the expected results without hurting your enamel.

This mouthwash is mainly based on activated charcoal (to remove plaque and surfaces stains), Avocado oil (to improve your oral health) and xylitol (to fight tooth decay).

Zinda Naturals Black Oil Mouthwash has a nice minty flavor that makes the process more enjoyable.

All you need to do is to swish 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil for a little while, then you can spit it out and rinse using warm water.

If your teeth are sensitive or you are afraid of causing any tooth sensitivity, this is one of the best mouthwashes for white teeth in this specific case.

The bottle is from plastic and has a pretty convenient shape; and easy to use if you want to use a teaspoon and use the bottle directly.

If you want to brush around the time you apply this mouthwash it is better to do it using a toothbrush with soft bristles.


  • This is a weekly treatment which is easier to follow comparing to a daily treatment (of course you can use it in a higher frequency, but according to some sources you should stick to the weekly schedule).
  • Makes your mouth feel clean.
  • Natural mouthwash with no chemicals on it.
  • Many verified buyers seem very happy with the whitening results.


  • The liquid could stain your clothes or basin if it touches it.
  • The price is a little bit high, but usually under the 20 bucks mark.

You can check Zinda Naturals Black Oil Mouthwash & Oral Pulling Oil Current Prices on Amazon.

15. Desert Essence Tea Tree Whitening Mint Mouthwash

This whitening mouthwash has a large variety of ingredients that don’t only whiten your teeth but also make your mouth fresh and feels clean.

Among these ingredients you can find, tea tree, Aloe vera gel, vitamin C, purified water and witch hazel.

As you can see, the ingredients are fine, natural and not harsh at all. In addition, if your gum is expressing any kinds of issues, this mouthwash is really helpful to heal them and improve your oral health in general.               


  • Many people have had a good customer experience using this whitening mouthwash.
  • Very good and adapted for your gum.
  • Improves your oral health.
  • Some users consider this mouthwash on the same level as Crest and Colgate.


  • Some customers think that the manufacturer needs to produce a larger bottle.
  • Some people didn’t like the after taste.

You can check Desert Essence Tea Tree Whitening Mint Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

16. POPWHITE whitening Toner Oral Rinse

To begin with, this is a peroxide and fluoride free mouthwash that focuses more on natural ingredients such as xylitol (to improve your oral health), coconut oil (as a whitening agent) and peppermint oil (to give you a fresh breath that lasts).

According to the manufacturer this product is recommended by dentists, yet, this is something I personally need to verify.

The way this whitening mouthwash whitens your teeth is pretty revolutionary. In fact, they don’t remove stains directly; instead, they just try to cancel the yellowish stains by applying purple mixtures. Actually, the purple and yellow colors are complementary which justify the magic effect!

The product comes with Popwhite toothpaste. Some people could consider this as a Pro others as a Con. Personally, unless you really want to use their toothpaste, which is not bad at all by the way, the vendor should probably sell the 2 products separately.

If you have an upcoming important appointment, you probably should use this whitening mouthwash as it brightens your teeth almost instantly.

The vendor’s recommendation for a better usage is the following:

Start by brushing your teeth using POPWHITE primer (You still can brush with your regular toothpaste). After brushing thoroughly, rinse using POPWHITE toner.

If you are looking for optimal and fast results, you should maintain the process every day and twice a day.

If you are looking for fast results, this is probably the best whitening mouthwash for you!


  • Dentist recommended.
  • Based on natural ingredients like coconut oil rather than harsh chemicals like carbamide peroxide.
  • Many happy users.
  • The results are reachable really very quickly.


  • The product includes toothpaste.

You can check POPWHITE whitening Toner Oral Rinse Current Prices on Amazon.

17. Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening Mouthwash

Dr. Ginger is 100% natural whitening mouthwash based on Coconut Oil pulling not only to whiten your teeth but also to improve your oral health in general.

Most people nowadays are looking for whitening products in general and whitening mouthwashes in particular which are fluoride and peroxide free with no artificial sweeteners; this mouthwash matches perfectly this condition!

You can use Dr. Ginger’s only for the sake of a fresh breath if you want as the taste is really gorgeous!

What I personally like about this whitening product is the clinical tests the manufacturer confirms to be done on the products. That is, top dental care specialists in USA have tested carefully this product for a better customer experience which is not something to be taken for granted I think!

Some people emphasize a lot on the taste, if you are one of them; this would probably be a sweet choice for you. In other words, it is really very delicious!

This is an all-in-one whitening product; I mean that sometimes you need to additionally use sensitive toothpaste to avoid the bad feeling on your teeth. However, if you’ve chosen Dr. Ginger’s there is no need to do that.

Yet, to enhance the whitening effect by making it more noticeable and even faster, Dr. Ginger’s suggest fluoride free whitening toothpaste that you can use. However, it is not really a vital necessity just a recommendation!


  • 100% natural.
  • Fluoride and peroxide free.
  • A very tasty mouthwash.
  • Adapted for sensitive teeth.
  • Whitening results can be noticed pretty fast.
  • Very well rated on Amazon.
  • Makes your mouth feel really clean.
  • Some buyers are ready to order the product once again.


  • Costs a little bit more than other whitening mouthwashes, but still fairly under the 20 bucks mark.
  • The manufacturer should probably think of increasing the liquid quantity.

You can check Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Pulling & Whitening Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.

18. Mountain Falls Whitening Mouthwash

The bottle containing the liquid is pretty big (almost 32 ounce), unlike most whitening mouthwashes which are 16 ounce or even less.

Mountain Falls Whitening Mouthwash protects your teeth against stains especially those that come from recurrent staining foods and beverages like coffee, soft drinks …

In addition, the whitening effect that comes with using this whitening mouthwash is fairly safe with no risks.

The flavor is a clear mint one, with no burning sensations as the ingredients don’t contain any alcohol on it.

If you suffer from a bad smell coming from your mouth (I’ve experienced this too), this mouthwash is a very good option as it kills most germs that are the main responsible for such an issue.


  • The manufacturer seems very experienced in the mouthwashes industry as they suggest to their customers a wide variety of similar products depending on your end goal.
  • Alcohol free, no burning sensations.
  • Kills bad germs that produce bad smell in your mouth.
  • Prevent your teeth from any further staining.
  • Pretty cheap.
  • Reduces the buildup of dental plaque.


  • Some people didn’t like the after taste.

You can check Mountain Falls Whitening Mouthwash Current Prices on Amazon.


Finally, I’ve written this long article not only to list the best whitening mouthwashes out there, but also to show you what these kinds of whitening products could do for you, your teeth and oral health in general.

As I’ve said before in this article, I tried to list the most relevant and reliable brands in the market today by providing maximum information and user experiences about each one of them.

Hopefully, you will be able to make the very Best choice according to your expectations and preferences!

If you’ve used any of these brands, or you know any other whitening mouthwash brand, I would like that you write it down in the comment section below. So I would review it and take into consideration your opinion in this article.

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