Top 10 Teeth Whitening Pens in The Market!

best teeth whitening pen

Teeth whitening pens are commonly used nowadays by a wide majority of people who are looking for a better smile. Yet, most of them are pretty much reluctant and not really sure about which whitening pen to choose.

In this article, I am breaking down the most relevant and effective teeth whitening pen out there. So you will have not only a complete idea about these products but also you will be able to make your own choice on the best teeth whitening pen that would suit you the most!

In addition, I’ve chosen to talk about teeth whitening pens in this article because they are in most cases a great choice for those who are not familiar with DIY teeth whitening in general.

In fact, whitening pens are really very easy to use and usually all you have to do is to twist the pen to dispense the gel and apply it on your teeth.

These 2 steps won’t take you more than 30 seconds which makes from the process even easier!

So, all you have to do is to pick the best whitening pen out there before applying it so you will get maximum results.

Why I’ve chosen to list 10 Whitening Pens instead of only One?

As you’ve may noticed in the title, you might expect like One product that I consider to be the very best!

Instead, I’ve chosen to list 10 of them!

Actually, I did that for several reasons:

  1. I personally, I don’t believe there is such a product called the best one … I mean, each one is the best on its own, and on what it does best!
  2. When it comes to teeth whitening, the results are not typical; each one of us may experience different results according to several different factors. So, sometimes you need to try more than one whitening pen to figure out what would work best for you.
  3. This list includes whitening pens with different approaches (peroxide based AND natural Based) ; and sometimes this plays a huge factor for you to make your choice according to the approach you opt for the most!
  4. Some whitening pens on the list tend more to just brighten your teeth, others tend to improve your your smile by removing yellow stains. So it is up to you which one to choose according to your expectations.
  5. By listing that much whitening products you will be able to make an objective comparison depending on what each product brings to the table. Thus, you will make a reasonable choice!

1. Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen

Idol White - Best teeth whitening pen

Each package of this product comes with 2 whitening pens. Each one could be used according to the vendor for 2 weeks.

That is, one package could serve you for a full month if used properly with moderation.

According to the vendor, in order to get maximum results you should apply the pen for 3 months. This means you should order 3 packages. Yet, this is not a must, only a recommendation.

From a promotional standpoint, this whitening product was mainly promoted by the multimillionaire Kim Kardashian which is pretty much a good sign and shows that this product as a brand is very well established.

Idol white is mainly based on Hydrogen Peroxide which is one of the best teeth whitening agents right now. This element is mixed with other ones in order to make the process more effective.

The vendor emphasizes on the proper procedure to follow to get the best possible results:

  1. Floss and brush your teeth with a regular toothpaste.
  2. Twist the pen to dispense the gel.
  3. Smile as wide as you could to keep your lips away from your teeth.
  4. Apply a little bit of gel on your teeth (twice a day).
  5. Relax your lips after 30 seconds.

Each pen allows almost 30 applications!

Another thing you should consider after each application is not rinsing, eating or drinking for about 20 minutes. This is enough time for the whitening agent to work.


  • One package is enough to apply twice a day for a month.
  • Free shipping if you are a US Resident and affordable one otherwise.
  • If you order a 3 months supply, you will get additional 3 months supply.
  • The application procedure is easy.
  • The product is made in USA (no creepy made in China or Vietnam Products…)
  • According to the vendor the product is designed to provide professional results.
  • Testimonials sound very good on vendor’s Site.
  • Well promoted by Kim Kardashian.
  • The vendor claims that the most loyal customers may benefit from a crazy bonus which is a lifetime supply if they fit some criteria. You need to contact the vendor for more information.


  • You may need few applications before getting used to the taste.
  • You should not swallow the gel.
  • It is very important to keep it permanently out of reach of your kids.

Check Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen On Vendor’s Site.

2. Dazzling White Whitening Pen

dazzling whitening penDazzling White offers this whitening pen for a cheap price which present an opportunity for those on a budget who want to starts whitening their teeth right now.

With 2 applications per day, you may make your teeth whiter by 3 up to 4 shades within one week.

The hydrogen peroxide concentration is about 6% on each pen which is a moderate concentration for sensitive teeth.

If your teeth are already and fairly white, you still may use this product to keep them away from stains and maintain them white and bright.

If you are expecting dramatic results, probably you should opt for a much more professional teeth whitening pen.

In order to make the process faster, it is recommended to use a LED light after each and every application. Yet, this is not really a must, only a recommendation.


  • The product is very cheap and adapted for those who are on a budget.
  • Don’t cause teeth sensitivity in most cases.
  • If your teeth are already sensitive, you still can use this Dazzling White Whitening Pen without feeling anything.
  • You don’t have to keep the gel for 20 or 30 minutes. In fact, 10 minutes are more than enough for the whitening agent to work.
  • Dazzling White Whitening Pen is also a good way to maintain and keep your teeth white and bright.
  • On Amazon, Many testimonials confirm they’ve got results.
  • There are some people who have been ordering this whitening pen for years.


  • Results are not typical.
  • You need to be patient and stick to the daily application before noticing any results.
  • This product won’t give you dramatic results.
  • If you have enamel loss, enamel erosion or very thin enamel, this whitening pen may not suit you and may even cause some pain.
  • It may irritate your lips or gums a bit if it touches them, but the irritation should go away right after rinsing your month.

Check Dazzling White Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

3. DentaPro Professional Teeth Whitening Pens

DentaPro Professional Teeth Whitening PensThis is another affordable and cheap teeth whitening pen that many users are happy with. In fact if you use it 1 or 2 times a day for 2 weeks there is a big chance you would make your teeth whiter by 4 up to 5 shades which is huge for such a cheap whitening product.

This is justified by pretty much a good concentration of carbamide peroxide which is the main whitening agent for DentaPro Professional Teeth Whitening Pens.

In order to get these kinds of results you should avoid eating or drinking after every and each application for about 15 minutes. Thus, the whitening agent will work on your teeth to its full potential.

Some top amazon reviewers confirm they’ve got outstanding results in only 2 days which is crazy in my opinion.

Keep in mind that if you want to get faster results like that, you may consider using the blue LED light which stimulates the whitening process.

You don’t have to use any trays with it, and you don’t have to rinse at all.

In addition, it is safe for your gums even if you’ve got sensitive ones and it removes dental plaque even the ones accumulated after many years.


  • The whitening pen is affordable.
  • Overall a positive feedback from many of those who have used it.
  • Adapted for those with sensitive gums.
  • Possibility to get quick results which is good if you have a last minute appointment.
  • Removes deep built up dental plaque.
  • Could make a crown brighter but not whiter.
  • Works well for stains due to smoking (You should stop Smoking).


  • The gel quantity per pen is not as big as it should be.
  • You need to be careful with the twisting mechanism to avoid non necessary leakage.
  • You should keep the pen straight to avoid the gel not to come out.

Check DentaPro Professional Teeth Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

4. AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

AuraGlow teeth whitening penAuraGlow is one of the few companies (like Crest) which offer a wide variety of whitening products. This US based company offers AuraGlow teeth whitening pen that you can use to whiten your teeth on the Go.

If your daily schedule is usually full and you don’t have time to use trays or any other additional time consuming whitening accessory, this is probably the best pen you can use.

In fact, all you are supposed to do is to apply the gel pen on your teeth and wait for 1 up to 2 minutes and you are pretty much done. Try to keep up with that pace for 10 days and you should notice some positive changes (4 up to 8 shades) according to how easy your teeth stains are removable.

The main whitening agent is Carbamide peroxide which is on a 35% concentration. In addition, it has a very good mint-flavor unlike some pens which have weird and sometimes bad tastes.

Most testimonials are positive which is a proof how good this whitening pen really is.


  • In addition to carbamide peroxide which is the main whitening agent, there are other ingredients that make the process even more successful and helps keep your mouth fresh and kill bad bacteria that produces acids that forms dental plaque.
  • Most verified purchasers are happy with the results they’ve got.
  • The whitening pen is pretty much transparent which gives you an idea on how much gel’s left.
  • This whitening product is made in USA (No made in China whatsoever …).
  • Adapted for coffee drinkers, in fact it is a good way to keep drinking coffee without staining your teeth.


  • The pen has 20 applications which seems decent but should be improved in my opinion.
  • You should avoid eating or drinking for several minutes after each application.

Check AuraGlow Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

5. Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens

Smile briter teeth whitening penI can’t confirm that, but I won’t be surprised if this whitening pen is the most sold one these days. This is actually one of the whitening products that even your dentist would easily recommend.

It makes your teeth instantly brighter (true to its name) and you will notice your teeth turning whiter after every single application.

You can use this whitening pen after a massive dinner with your friends that contains several staining foods in a minute since it is pretty much easy to carry it in your pocket or bag.

Each package has a set of 2 pens that could be used for 60 days straight if used effectively. Of course you don’t have to use it every single day, probably once every other day or twice a week so you could keep using these pens for many months.

Probably the only mistake you may do using this whitening product is falling into the trap of excessive use which may hurt your enamel.

It is very important to follow vendor’s instructions and even, if you wish, check out your dentist for a consultation prior to using Smilebriter Teeth Whitening Gel Pens.

The price you need to pay to order this whitening pen is not expensive comparing with what it brings to the table.

If you combine it with organic natural toothpaste which removes dirt from your month, you should expect much better results. Yet, it is not a necessity, just a recommendation.


  • One package gives you the possibility to apply for 60 days which is a long period of time. Unlike most teeth whitening pens out there.
  • Made in USA and precisely in Stamford.
  • Amazon review-wise, this is the best teeth whitening pen … tons of positive reviews.
  • Adapted to stains due to coffee, soda and fast foods.


  • You need to apply it quickly for few seconds to avoid any teeth sensitivity.
  • Doesn’t work for grey stains due to teeth trauma or antibiotics exposure like (Tetracycline).
  • You should keep the product from your gums and lips for a better experience.

Check SmileBriter Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

6. WHITE360 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

WHITE360 Teeth Whitening Gel PenWHITE360 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen is another good whitening product that actually works. In fact, there is a good chance to get a significant positive change in just 2 days of using it.

The main whitening agent in the gel is hydrogen peroxide. Yet the concentration is not high, only about 6%. This, in addition to other ingredients that make the whitening process more effective.

The recommended treatment last for 7 days. Actually, in each application you should apply the gel for few minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

After each application you should not eat or drink anything for almost 30 minutes, especially staining foods like coffee, cola …


  • This Product is very cheap, usually under 10 bucks (prices may vary depending on the selling platform and seller).
  • Many users have got results and improved their teeth shade.
  • The Whitening pen looks good and stylish.
  • WHITE360 Teeth Whitening Pen is small enough to carry it wherever you go.
  • Works very well for ex-smokers and those who drink coffee on a daily basis.
  • You don’t have to apply it for weeks or months to start noticing results.


  • Some people are not happy with the amount of gel in the pen. They think the company should put more gel for more usages.
  • Doesn’t work for heavy stains due to antibiotic exposure or genetics.
  • Results are not typical.

Check WHITE360 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

7. Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen

Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening PenCali White is a California based company that offers many reliable and trustworthy whitening products including this teeth whitening pen.

This whitening pen is approved by many dentists, which proves how reliable this product really is.

In addition, this made in USA whitening pen is certified to have only organic ingredients which is really cool.

This whitening product uses an optimal combination of Baking Soda & Cranberry Seed Oil to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades without hurting your enamel in a week.

Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen is decent for on the Go and needs only 1 minute to dry after every application.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about teeth sensitivity at all, you may get the same whitening effect as any peroxide based product without damaging your enamel or feeling any kind of sensitivity.

The company is committed to make you happy, so they are ready to offer you a full refund if you are not happy with the product.

If you pair it with charcoal toothpaste you may get even Greater results…


  • Many verified buyers are totally happy with the product.
  • Safe for your enamel.
  • Don’t cause any teeth sensitivity.
  • You can notice very good results in a matter of 7 days.
  • Organic Certified.
  • Approved by many dentists.
  • Really very reliable.
  • It has only organic ingredients and no peroxide at all.
  • Made in USA.
  • If you are not happy with the results the company offers you a full refund instantly.
  • In addition to stains due to coffee or soda, this whitening pen is also good for discoloration due to aging.


  • Honestly the only con I see for this whitening pen is the publicity; I mean they should promote this product much more in my opinion.

Check Cali White Botanical Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

8. Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen

Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening PenThis is one of the few natural teeth whitening products in the market today. It contains absolutely no peroxide and it is adapted for sensitive teeth.

In 1 week it can make your teeth whiter by 3 up to 4 shades which is not bad at all. You can use it easily on the Go and have it on your pocket or bag wherever you go.

In addition, this whitening pen is mainly based on coconut oil which is a natural whitening agent that helps killing bad bacteria that produces acids. Keep in mind that these acids are one of the main causes of dental plaque.

It has a mint flavor and contains other elements that improve your overall oral health, like baking soda (gives your saliva a good oral pH indicator) and vitamin C.

You can use this whitening pen up to 3 times a day. Yet, you don’t really have to …

For optimal results you may combine this pen with Dr. Brite toothpaste and Dr. Brite mouthwash.


  • Tons of positive feedback. Lot of happy buyers who’ve got positive and sometimes surprising good results.
  • Some people got results in only 4 days.
  • Improves your overall oral health.
  • This product is made in USA.
  • It contains only organic natural ingredients.
  • Even if you have sensitive teeth you still can use this whitening pen safely.
  • Very safe for your enamel.
  • Works very well for coffee stains.


  • Don’t work for deep discoloration due to genetics or antibiotics over exposure.

Check Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Witening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

9. Go Smile teeth whitening pen

Go Smile teeth whitening penYou can use Go Smile teeth whitening pen literally anytime and anywhere. With its small dimensions you can have it on you all the time.

It is very easy to use, all you have to do is twist the pen, apply the gel and wait a little bit for the whitening agent to work.

Many people have got good results after using it within few days.

Keep in mind that Go Smile offers other whitening products like whitening gels and kits.


  • Easy to use.
  • Many verified buyers are happy with the results.
  • You can use it on the Go.
  • Experienced company in the teeth whitening business.


  • The company doesn’t give enough information about the product.
  • You need to clean the applicator brush from the gel. Otherwise it will be a bit stiff for next application.

Check Go Smile Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

10. True Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen

True Brilliance Teeth Whitening PenProbably this is the most expensive whitening pen in the market today but according to several users it worth the price.

This is the kind of whitening products which won’t give you result unless you are patient with it by following exactly the vendor instructions.


  • Several people are happy with the results.


  • Some people are not that happy with the results.
  • The price is little bit expensive.

Check True Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen Current Prices on Amazon.

Best Teeth Whitening pen – Vinal Verdict

Promotional perspective

There are some customers who rely on how well a product is promoted before making their purchase decision. They just believe that a well-known famous person who offers his name and legacy to a product gives legitimacy and credibility to it.

If you are that kind of person, Idol White teeth whitening pen is the best pick for you as it was mainly promoted by Kim Kardashian.

Sensitivity perspective

There are other people having a big urge to whiten their teeth but they are very concerned about teeth sensitivity.

This is a legit issue in my opinion, and most whitening products including whitening pen should try to push their researches in order to provide better solutions.

If your teeth are sensitive or you are just concerned about causing any kind of teeth sensitivity, Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen or Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen are toe to toe the best choices for you.

Either one of them would do very well.

Natural approach

If you are pretty much like me and prefer the natural way to whiten your teeth and avoid the chemical elements that most whitening pens or products has you should opt for Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen or Dr. Brite Peroxide Free Teeth Whitening Pen.

They are the best out there when it comes to natural teeth whitening.


For me being reliable as a product is to say what this product is capable of and completely back it up within buyers testimonials this capability with real results.

If you are looking for that kind of whitening pens, just go for Cali White Botanical Teeth Whitening Pen or for AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen.

I just don’t see anyone more reliable than those two!

Low Cost

I understand that the cost may be an issue for some people. That’s why, it is very important to reveal the best teeth whitening pen from a low cost perspective.

If you are on a budget and still wish to get white teeth, you probably should check Dazzling White Whitening Pen.

Even if its cost is fairly under 10 bucks its whitening effect is really very good.

I didn’t like this one that much …

I think it would be fair to mention the least best teeth whitening pen, I don’t mean that it sucks or something like that. I just mean they should improve their service to be able to serve their customers in a better way.

True Brilliance Teeth Whitening Pen is good but among this list, it is the least best one in my opinion as it costs more than the others and the results need more time to manifest.


I really hope you’ve got a complete idea about teeth whitening pens in generals and the best brands out there that could help you to reach that striking smile you are probably looking for.

Whitening pens are a good way to start with, but sometimes when you make the right choice and you apply it the right way, you may get results that match those you can get in dentist’s office for 1% the price which is cool.

Let me know in the comment Section Below what is the Best Whitening Pen in your Opinion, and Why?

If you know any Whitening Pen I didn’t mention in this article Put it down in the comment section and I will add it to this article …

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