Whiten Your Teeth Properly After Removing Your Braces

Teeth whitening after braces

What a relief! When you take these braces off … But, What a frustration! When you find out your teeth stained and completely discolored.

Don’t worry too much about that! It is a common case. This happens to lot of people especially those who didn’t implement some of these whitening tips with braces.

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Anyway, the good news is that you still can do something about it. Yet, you need to be careful and patient as I understand, you might be right now in kind of panic mode. Guess what! It is completely normal to feel that way after you’ve invested considerable money and efforts on braces to have a better smile.

Thus, comes the most asked question about the topic which is: how to whiten teeth after braces?

This is absolutely a legit and relevant question. And of course, we are going to cover it deeply, with other common questions about the topic.

Why in most cases patients notice yellow teeth after braces?

After several months with braces most people notice yellow or even white spots on their teeth. This could be frustrating as you may not expect it at all.

Of course, there is a large variety of reasons why your teeth accumulate all these stains.

1. Dental Plaque just loves braces

In other words, plaque tends to form in obscure places on your teeth. Especially, between them, in behind and any other tooth that toothbrush could not reach or brush properly.

Moreover, while wearing braces dental plaque builds up around them and they can hardly be noticeable especially in the first few months.

This dental plaque is an ideal environment for bacteria growth which consistently produces acids that could erode your enamel and make it easy for stains to form.

2. Lack of education

While wearing braces few people are enough educated on taking care of their teeth. Btw, you can access to a deep article about that by clicking here.

That is to say, most patients continue doing their old bad habits (staining foods, poor oral hygiene, smoking …). They just don’t realize that during braces time the staining effect doubles or even triples within these bad habits.

3. A Psychological factor

Even the most disciplined patients, those who used to take care of their teeth and oral health tends to feel lazy about that. This is kind of normal as the cleaning, brushing and flossing daily tasks become a bit harder during braces.

Sometimes, you just feel like not doing it which gives a massive opportunity for stains to build up.

4. Too much whitening

This is actually another factor. In fact, as you know applying too much whitening products could weaken your enamel as time goes on.

Thus, teeth sensitivity and a good environment for stains to re-build up quickly and easily.

Another reason is that when you bleach while wearing braces the whitening effect won’t reach covered places on your teeth which will leave them yellow or not whitened unlike the uncovered places.

You will just find yourself with the necessity to restart the process once again.

Finally, the main point of teeth whitening with braces is to keep them white and not to bleach them more than necessary.

5. Wrong braces color

I am not totally sure about this info, but some dental experts approved it. I mean, some experiences show that wearing yellow or gold color braces turns your teeth yellowish as time goes on to be. Instead, the recommended colors are dark ones (purple for example).

Of course, these are not the only reasons, they may be others. Sometimes due to genetic issues, teeth sensitivity or just bad braces quality.

Whatever the reason could be it is still possible to help your teeth recover their natural white color. This will be discussed in details right below.

Should you wait or start teeth whitening right away after removing braces ?

This is actually a very good question as you are a little bit disappointed on how your teeth color look like. You may feel like jumping on some teeth whitening procedures or treatments right away.

In this case, Can you whiten your teeth after braces? Yes, but you really should hold on for a while. Your exposed enamel will be a little bit sensitive after you get your braces off. It will need some time to acclimate with the new environment with no braces or wires on.

It will feel much less sensitive and even normal after about a month. Then, you may think about starting your teeth whitening after braces journey.

Meanwhile, regular brushing, good diet and proper oral hygiene are all welcomed and important. This will get your teeth ready for the next step naturally.

How to whiten you teeth after braces?

Here comes the main question. Actually, you have many options you can opt for. Yet you need to consider a pre-whitening period (first month after braces), then the whitening after braces period.

This pre-whitening after braces is as important as the whitening period. That is, it prepares your teeth to be able to support teeth whitening treatments using some abrasives elements.

First month after braces

As I’ve highlighted this before, avoid all teeth whitening products.

This includes, whitening kits, gels, trays, strips and LED lights. You should also avoid whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes during that month.

Baking soda and activated charcoal are not exceptions to this list as they are considerably abrasive.

Instead to all this, you should focus on 3 main things:

1. Consistent Cleaning

The cleaning is much easier now, comparing to when you were wearing braces. And as you already know, the two most recommended cleaning actions you should do are brushing and flossing.

Indeed, you should perform them on a daily basis following this little plan.

  • Brushing 3 times a day preferably with non-fluoride toothpastes. Don’t get me wrong, fluoride toothpastes are good. They help fighting tooth decay and keep a fresh breath. However, when you expose somewhat sensitive teeth to too much fluoride they tend to stain, sometimes with white spots. You can check this good Aloe Vera non-fluoride toothpaste on Amazon.
  • Flossing once a day, preferably at night right before going to bed. This will help you remove all food and drinks residue accumulated during the whole day. I highly recommend doing it with a professional Water Flosser which is much healthier for your gums. You can check this ADA approved Water Flosser on Amazon.

2. Avoiding bad habits

A consistent cleaning won’t be enough if you don’t avoid bad habits. And when it comes to bad habits, there are tons of them!

However, according to what I see, what I hear and what I read. The 3 most dangerous bad habits for your oral health and teeth are:

  • Smoking: which destroys your health and teeth little by little. It causes permanent stains which are really very difficult to remove. Moreover, all teeth whitening procedures and even teeth implants are much less successful for smokers comparing to non-smokers.
  • Too much coffee: Coffee is good, I love it and drink it almost every single day. However, during this month you should avoid drinking it or at least do some precautions to prevent coffee stains. You can check this complete article on drinking coffee without staining your teeth.
  • Fast food: I don’t really want to give more details about something you already know. But fast food is the fastest staining factor today. Indeed, being a fast food consistent consumer you will notice some horrible results in a matter of few weeks.

Of course there are many other staining bad habits you may do. Just try to do your best avoiding them, at least during this month!

3. Specific natural home remedies (optional)

Coconut Oil for Teeth Whitening after braces

This is not something you must do, yet, it is a preferable thing you should probably think about. But keep in mind; if you are not consistently cleaning your teeth and avoiding the bad habits above, there is no need to follow any natural home remedy as it won’t be effective at all.

There are a wide variety of options, but just do what you feel is right for you:

  • Banana peel: by grabbing it on your teeth like a toothbrush for few minutes, before brushing then rinsing. Many people confirm they’ve got some success with this method. Check this complete banana peel teeth whitening article for more information
  • Coconut Oil: According to my information this is a recommended Indian method. In fact, by taking a coconut oil teaspoon each day before you sleep. You will help killing bad bacteria and adopt a good oral health.
  • Teeth whitening 4 you: this is an all-natural teeth whitening program which teaches you how to whiten your teeth at home naturally using cheap ingredients. I’ve made a complete review about it that you can check by clicking here.

Of course you may be asking yourself, why it is possible to start whitening your teeth when you’ve removed braces using these home remedies in the first month, rather than the second month as recommended.

Actually, if you’ve noticed it, home remedies I’ve listed are all natural and contain no chemical abrasive ingredients. Thus your somewhat sensitive teeth after braces won’t be affected at all during this first month.

And you’ll still be willing to get the whitening benefits.

Teeth whitening after braces (Second month)

After about one month (that we called pre-whitening month) respecting most of what was said above.  You can consider yourself eligible to start whitening your teeth.

As far as I am concerned, there are 3 different options at this stage:

1. Carry on with natural whitening home remedies

If in the first month, you were doing some of these home remedies above. And if you’ve having some success with it, I would just recommend carrying on with it.

First of all, these natural whitening remedies don’t really cost much, and the risks involved are little to none.

If you are doing it by yourself, I suggest you carry on for one more month up to two. Otherwise, if you are following a specific system like teeth whitening 4 you, one month is more than enough to reach expected results in my opinion.

2. Visit your dentist

This is absolutely an option youcannot overlook. Indeed, if you have an access to considerable budget, your dentist would take care of you by some customize whitening after braces treatments.

If you are on a budget or you are just not ready to spend that much money on dentist’s office. It still would be a good idea to have a consultation to guide you for more whitening ideas after you’ve taken off braces.

One more thing I would like to add in this section is that whenever you choose to opt for a dentist. Just stick with the one he made braces for you. He would have much visibility about your case and obviously would be more qualified to guide you to the best whitening practices.

3. Use whitening products

Teeth Whitening Products after braces

If you’ve read some of my articles, you would know that there are too many products you could choose from.

Yet, I recommend only 2 kinds of products. You can choose either one of them and be fine with it.

  • Whitening mouthwash is a good option; you can use it once a day for several days or few weeks. Try to choose a decent one adapted to sensitive teeth.
  • Teeth whitening kit is another common way to do it. I don’t really want you to be too fancy with this option. A 3D Crest whitening kit is just fine, and I trust this company honestly. You can check current price on Amazon.


At the end, sorry if I’ve made this article too long for you. Actually, I wanted to give a kind of teeth whitening after braces blueprint with as many option as I could figure out.

Remember, after you’ve remove your braces. Avoid whitening in the first month and stick with cleaning and if you would like some proven natural home remedies. Then from the second month you may jump on some whitening procedures according to your budget and expectations.

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