Teeth Whitening – What You Need to Know!

Teeth Whitening

It is really sad to know that few people really care about Teeth Whitening and their oral health in general. Indeed, they just see no relevant reason why they should spend some money or even some few daily minutes to take care of their teeth.

In fact, it is very common to hear these following statements!

  • Teeth Whitening and Care is only for celebrities … They’ve got lot of money anyway and they need any stupid reason to spend it …
  • Probably if I was a sales man I would need to take care a bit more of my teeth to look good in front of my prospects …
  • Having white teeth is only a part of a top model job … she does that for a living …
  • Teeth Whitening is just for Women and Soft individuals …
  • Only People with low self-esteem would need to whiten their teeth to have that one little reason to feel confident …
  • … the list goes on and on …

These statements are simply not true and are a product of a lack of education about the subject …

Having White Teeth is not a Luxury. Believe me, it is a Must!

In fact, there is too many Powerful Reasons why you should make an effort (which is usually small) to get a better smile and healthy Teeth.

I will share with you my 3 main reasons why you should start really working on that … At the end of the day, it is not really that much work, only some new habits to adopt, some habits to get rid of and you will be Ok. In fact, healthy white teeth are in most cases a powerful sign of:


White teeth, in most cases, are a powerful sign of a healthy individual.

Indeed, one of the most relevant indicators of your health and well-being is the state of your teeth. As far as they are far from being white, as far as you are far from really being healthy. By not paying enough attention to the well-being of your teeth they tend to turn yellow, beige or even brow, due to stains accumulation and bacteria.

These bacteria may reach your body and hurts its vital organs on the long term especially your heart. I just can’t tell you how many diseases and dangers you are exposed to due to weak infected teeth.


White teeth remain a powerful sign of self-confidence. As far as I am concerned, it is very hard for me and for many people I know to feel (or at least to pretend to be) comfortable talking to people or hanging out with friends with yellow, bad looking teeth. In their minds it is a kind of shame.

Actually, It has been proven that having white teeth with an attractive smile enhances your self-confidence and makes you feel much more comfortable in social life which simply opens you the door for new/more opportunities (for Business and Relationships).


Do you know what many high level Managers, CEOs or even Potential Business Partners look at when they first meet you? They usually take a quick glance at your teeth. This may sound weird, isn’t it? But why do they do that?

Because, it is a powerful sign of discipline (which is a MUST for these high profiles).

An individual who has white teeth means he is most likely a disciplined person. It means he brushes his teeth at least twice a day; he doesn’t drink Alcohol and doesn’t smoke. it means also he doesn’t drink too much and eats healthy and probably workout 2 or 3 times a week  as well as many other good things.

These things and more are the ingredients of a disciplined person.

Do it … But Do it Correctly!

After you’ve known some relevant reasons to whiten your teeth and that many people are ignoring, let’s dive into the different things to consider in order to whiten your teeth correctly and involving a minimum risk or not at all.

Avoid Bad Habits

Smoking harms your teeth

Let’s start with what you should not do at all, or at least to consider reducing if these things are already deeply involved in your life. It is very important, to understand that even with adopting the most sophisticated teeth whitening techniques, if you don’t stop doing what discolors and harms your teeth you will find yourself in an infinite loop and you will never ever succeed getting any significant result.

Smoking is probably your number one enemy. It is a deadly weapon and a serial killer that doesn’t only discolor your teeth but also destroy them one by one. Smoking is also extremely harmful for your gum. In fact, implant ology success rate is much lower for smokers comparing to non-smokers (almost 15% difference). If you are a smoker, the first advice I would give you is to give up smoking once and for all. This would probably help you.

Drinking alcohol has almost the same effects on your teeth if not worse especially for people who are actively doing both.

Drinking colored drinks like coffee, cola … in a frequent manner, causes your teeth to be discolored and likely to be permanently stained in a way it makes it hard for you to rollback.

Avoid Stress as much as possible

Being exposed to too much Stress has undeniably a bad effect on your teeth whitening wishes in so many ways. I will explain 2 aspects of it:

During a long stressful situation body’s cells requires lot of magnesium and calcium. Going through that over and over again may create a lack of calcium in your body which will directly impact you teeth, their whitening and destroy them slowly year after year.

Stressful people are more likely going to think about faking and relieving this feeling by doing all those bad habits that harms teeth. Especially smoking and drinking too much coffee or even drinking alcohol.

Consulting a dentist is a legit option

When you think about teeth whitening, the Dentist is the one who comes to your mind first and it is normal. In fact, due to their long years of studies and accumulated experiences, dentists are much qualified to practice the teeth whitening practices in a safe manner because they have an overall deep knowledge about oral health and can know which kind of teeth you have with their sensitivity degree. So, a dentist would know if your teeth can take the teeth whitening treatment or not and in which exact frequency and intensity.

In addition, dentists won’t only take care of the brightness of your teeth but also they would take care of the overall well-being of your teeth and oral health in general.

There is also a dark side about dentistry

It would sound weird, but people who tend to go to the dentist and take care of teeth tend to have a bad teeth care routine. They usually operate on an emergency mindset as they visit the dentist only when they feel unbearable pain or notice yellow stains on their teeth.

Thus, when these people visit the dentist they usually make the same big mistake, they think that the dentist will take care about their teeth only in the dentist’s office and once they get off the dentist’s office they get back to the Bad habits (Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Eating unhealthy Food, not Brushing teeth …).

We can’t deny that the dentist path is such a long funnel. Once you visit a dentist for the first time; you usually have to visit him several more times later, and it costs lot of your money and time, not to mention the efforts you would put in.

Personally, my wife had to visit the dentist for teeth care purposes and she had to re-visit him almost 20 times later if not more. And I believe I’ve spent more than $1000 not to mention how much time I had to drive her to the dentist office, waiting within the queue …

Afterwards, we could of prevent that and do many basic teeth care and whitening operations by our self, as we just need to be a bit more educated and knowledgeable about the best DIY practices. I just can’t tell you the amount of money, time and effort we could of saved.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Actually, this is what this Blog is all about. Helping you whiten your teeth yourself correctly, healthily and safely. It is a lifestyle you have to adopt, that is, you should add some few habits and get rid of some few other habits. It is a conscious effort at beginning, but it is not that much work really.

Small Lifestyle Adjustments

There is nothing better than maintaining a healthy life style. This will definitely help you prevent any harm that could attain your teeth and keep them white, healthy and strong.

A healthy lifestyle is based on healthy Foods, regular sports practice and a positive surrounding.

Sport is Crutial

Sport good for teeth whitening

This approach may not make sense at first, but, practicing Sport and engaging yourself regularly in physical activities have indirectly but strongly huge benefits for your teeth’s health and brightness.

In fact, while doing physical activities you tend to drink more water and eat healthier foods. Drinking water in a regular manner is the first step to get white teeth; it is like a regular mini-shower for them to remove all foods residue. And as it was said before, eating healthy foods is a very good way to preserve the brightness of your teeth and even improving it.

Another great thing about, practicing Sport is it helps you and probably better than anything else avoid all things that would destroy not only your teeth but also your overall health. Practicing Sports helps you to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking too much coffee and eating unhealthy foods. And by avoiding these things alone, I believe that you would make a huge step toward white, strong teeth and a healthy body.

Healthy Food

By changing your eating habits toward the healthy Foods, you will directly and continually not only to prevent your teeth from stains but also contribute in whitening them in a healthy way.

There are numerous foods you can include in your shopping list which usually doesn’t cost a lot or may even cost much less than the unhealthy food you probably use to eat on a daily basis.

Banana, Strawberry, Carrot, Nuts, Coconut … and so many others are all very good examples of Foods with amazing teeth whitening effects.

The eating frequency may have also a bad impact on your teeth. People, who eat anything at any given time, are more likely going to have teeth stains. It means a consistent accumulation of Foods residue which becomes permanent stains through the years. Otherwise, when you manage to eat 3 to 4 times a day (especially healthy food), you are more likely going to adopt a good habit of rinsing, mouth washing and tooth brushing your teeth as soon as you finish your meal. This will fairly limit the Foods Residue and give almost no chance for stains to appear.

Surround yourself with people living a healthy life style

When you manage to surround yourself with people living a healthy life style you will rarely do what would cause you yellow or unhealthy teeth. People with a healthy life style don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much coffee and their eating habits are healthy (All ingredients for healthy white teeth). Surrounding yourself with these kinds of people will tremendously help you adopt these same exact good habits.

Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening Kit

Another DIY way to whiten your teeth is to use some teeth whitening products out there which can be in many forms. It is very important to be educated about the different teeth whitening products forms. This will give you an excellent edge to be able to use them correctly, safely and healthily.

Teeth Whitening Pen

A teeth whitening pen is a very common solution you can find which is designed exactly as a pen filled with teeth Whitening Gel that is peroxide based. All you have to do is to apply the mixture to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening pen give you an excellent control of where you place the whitening gel. Actually if you only want to target a couple of teeth, you just can easily put the pen on them and twist the whitening gel. Teeth Whitening Pen has also the advantage of cleaning your teeth while whitening them which is all good. Another good thing about teeth whitening pen, is that you can put it on your pocket or on your little bag and transport it easily wherever you want.

The teeth whitening pen could take couple of minutes to apply and during that time you just can’t speak, eat or drink which is not really comfortable. You can check this teeth whitening pen review.

You can also check this complete article on the Best Teeth Whitening Pens in the Market today!

Teeth Whitening Gel

Using Teeth Whitening Gels is one of the most popular methods as it is not that expensive and available everywhere. Teeth Whitening Gels are peroxide based solutions and can be applied in many different ways. You can apply a Teeth Whitening Gel using your regular toothbrush or by using a teeth whitening pen.

Teeth Whitening Gels are really easy to use. Through a teeth whitening pen or your regular toothbrush there is no complications at all. The application time doesn’t exceed the 10 minutes mark, which suits people who want to brighten their teeth right before going out or going to work.

These Teeth Whitening Gels suits perfectly people with minor staining. They will notice very quick results. However, people with seriously stained teeth won’t be that happy. In fact the peroxide gel doesn’t have enough power to whiten seriously stained teeth.

Another thing you should consider before using any teeth whitening gel is doing the application according to the recommended Plan by the vendor or the dentist. In fact, an excessive use of these teeth whitening Gel may weaken the enamel of your teeth which would lead to a permanent sensitivity. You can check this very good teeth whitening gel on Amazon.

Teeth whitening Strips               

Teeth Whitening Strips are made up of polyethylene. This is a flexible material based on hydrogen peroxide. A mild acid is formed and removes some teeth stains.

Brown and grey teeth stains remain fairly difficult to remove using only whitening strips. However, yellow stains may be eliminated much more easily by using only these teeth whitening strips. 
It is crucial to take note of the manufacturer’s instructions. As they tell you exactly how to use these strips for only positive results.

However, you should not use these strips in an excessive way not to harm the teeth enamel as well as the tissue under the gum or cause any kind of gum irritation. 

You can check these quality teeth whitening Strips on Amazon.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

There is a high variety of teeth whitening toothpastes on the market today. They cost usually more than the regular toothpastes. These teeth whitening toothpastes have in general good whitening effects and may be used for long term purposes. Nevertheless, it is better to use them only for a specific period of time (1 or 2 mouths) before switching back to your regular toothpaste. Because, in the long term they may have some side effects on your teeth enamel. Not to mention their cost which is a little bit more than the regular toothpaste, this may be too much after several mouths of usage.

This teeth whitening toothpaste on Amazon is proven to provide good results.

LED Lights is another option for teeth whitening

LED whitening system is one way to achieve the striking smile you’re after. Sometimes called a laser bleaching light, it drives the bleaching agent into your teeth surface which helps to get that whitening effect. The lights intensity may vary from a whitening kit to another.

People with noticeable teeth sensitivity should opt for a LED light teeth whitener allowing gradual control of the light. Overusing it, may cause your teeth being exposed to too much heat and light which might harm the pulpal tissue.

This teeth whitening Led Light on Amazon is Legit.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening Kit is the combination of all the elements described above. That is, the Toothpaste, Teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening pen, teeth whitening strips, the LED light and the mouthwash. It is a complete solution for those who are really seeking for professional and quick results.

This teeth whitening kit may be a little too much for people who have little stains who may need only the gel for example. It may be also too much for anyone who doesn’t really know how to correctly use all the kit’s elements in a safe and efficient manner.

It is always recommended to check the vendor’s instructions to use it right. You may also consult your dentist to understand how to use it efficiently. 

This Teeth Whitening Kit on Amazon is the best option in my opinion.

Charcoal is a popular teeth whitening method

While using activated Charcoal your mouth will look extremely black. But don’t worry, your teeth will end up being whiter as it will pull toxins from your mouth and remove stains.

Charcoal improves your overall oral health by preventing cavities and killing bad bacteria present in tooth decay. Activated charcoal helps in your teeth remineralizing process along side with any remineralizing toothpaste.

You can check this complete Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening article for more information.

Quality Toothbrush

The importance of choosing a quality toothbrush is well underestimated, especially when it comes to teeth whitening purposes. In fact, using a low quality toothbrush would lead to more harm for your teeth and gum than good.

While seeking for white teeth you should avoid low quality toothbrushes and opt for those with a good or even high quality. At the end of the day, the price difference between a low and a good quality toothbrush is not that big and even a high quality toothbrush is very affordable.

The toothbrush bristles should not be very stiff because too much stiffness may hurt your teeth enamel. You should also change your toothbrush once a mouth or 6 weeks. In fact, over using your toothbrush after that period of time would have some bad effects. That is, it usually becomes full of bacteria which are one of the main causes of teeth stains.

Keep in mind that investing in a quality toothbrush is a great tip for coffee drinkers. If you are one of them, you can check this article on how to prevent coffee stains.

This Toothbrush from Amazon is probably my best pick for you.

Other DIY Home recipes for teeth whitening

It is also good to mention other home remedies for yellow stained teeth that anyone can prepare at home. However, it is very important to be educated about the right ingredients and the right manner and frequency of application.

Using Baking Soda is one of the popular ways to do it. You can mix it with water or lemon. You can even make a baking Soda toothpaste only for teeth whitening purposes. However, it should not substitute at any level your regular toothpaste.

Hydrogen peroxide is another popular way to whiten your teeth. You need to consider the 3% solution and you can even use it as a mouthwash.


To sum up, I hope you are aware of Teeth Whitening Importance more than ever. This is actually the first step in the whitening process even before trying any at home remedy or whitening product. 

Take note of all whitening available possibilities then make your choice according to how sensitive your teeth are and also your budget.

Don’t count out the natural approach, it is a great way to start as a low budget yet it needs some will, determination and time.

Stay Healthy.

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