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Unique textured surface cleans between teeth better than an ordinary toothpick!

Opalpix Interproximal Cleaners package

Opalpix™ Interproximal Cleaners

Opalpix 12pk
12pk Item# 6600

The unique design of Opalpix interproximal cleaners allows you to clean between teeth and around orthodontic appliances like braces and bonded retainers better than an ordinary toothpick.

  • Thin tip design allows easy cleaning access, even in tight spaces
  • Will not splinter or break
  • Has a textured surface for better cleaning
  • Provides the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity
  • Massages gum tissue between teeth while removing food and plaque
  • Each pack contains 32 Opalpix interproximal cleaners
Opalpix package

Not Your Average Toothpick!

Opalpix™ cleaners help you clean between your teeth and around orthodontic brackets and wires. With a thin tip, angled design, and just the right amount of flexibility, they fit well into hard-to-reach and tight spaces. Because they are made of flexible plastic, they won’t break or splinter as they massage gum tissue and remove debris. Each pack is resealable and compact enough to fit discretely in a purse or pocket. You’ll love Opalpix cleaners so much you may never use an old-fashioned toothpick again!

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