If you wish having White Teeth … Avoid SMOKING!

For White teeth Avoid Smoking

Almost everybody knows that smoking causes stains and discolorations on teeth. Nevertheless, there is such a big tendency to minimize or even to ignore this bad smoking effect (among many others) on oral health. In addition your teeth, gums, tongue and lips are all threatened with every puff of cigarette; and the consequences can be dead serious.

Below some relevent reasons why you need to avoid Smoking for White teeth and also a good and durable health.

Smoking’s Side Effect on gums and carries:

gums and carries are badly hurt with smoking

Smoking plays a huge role to build the bacterial plaque in the mouth, which increases the risk of periodontal diseases (tooth loosening).

In addition, nicotine has been shown to alter the vasculature of the gingiva, decreasing gingival defense and repair capabilities.

Thus, the body will have a harder time effectively fighting gum infection.

In comparison with non-smokers, gum disease progresses at a much faster rate among smokers (Honestly you should stop smoking).

All this explains why the success rate in implantology is much lower for smokers (80% – 85% for smokers VS 97% success for non-smokers).

Additionally, Smokers have more surgical complications, especially after an extraction…

Similarly, a smoker is likely to have three times as many caries due to increased dental plaque caused by smoking.

Smoking causes ugly spots on your teeth:

Teeth Stains 2 Teeth Stains 1

Cigarette contains mainly tar and nicotine. Those two elements cause in most cases, especially for long time smokers, yellow or even brownish spots on the teeth. Those spots could become permanent by penetrating the small cracks in the tooth enamel after several years of smoking.

The technical name of those spots is “extrinsic stains” which can be removed by air polishing … it is a high-pressure spraying of bicarbonate, salts and water that eliminates these deposits.

Mouth’s Cancer:

Of all oral diseases related to smoking, oral cancer are certainly the most serious.

They come in many forms: cancer of the mouth, lips, tongue, palate, tonsils, gums, throat.

The risk of oral cancer is 5 to 10 times higher for smokers.

For a country like France, Mouth cancers affect at least 6,600 French people every single year.

Very sad …

What are the possible solutions?

Stop Smoking for White TeethObviously, the best solution is to stop smoking immediately. This is ideally the first thing to do, not only for the sake of your teeth well-being but also and above all to preserve your health over all.

Otherwise, you can go first to your dentist who will provide you with advice and care. Good daily oral hygiene is recommended. Brushing the teeth instantly after each meal will eliminate as many bacteria as possible and fight against dental plaque, causing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

So Please Stop Smoking … and Stop Smoking Right NOW

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Stay Healthy.